My Favourite Skincare Products of 2019

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Here are my favourite skincare products of the year!

For 2018 I went through my empties, but this year I didn’t actually use much up (too much product testing). I started making a list of products I loved, but it ended up really long, so I limited myself to products that I discovered in 2019, and only one product from each brand.

I also didn’t mention a bunch of products I discovered in November/December, in case I changed my mind a few months later when the newness wears off – if they end up becoming favourites, they’ll be in my 2020 list.

Here’s the video on YouTube, scroll down for short text reviews of each product…

The Inkey List Vitamin C Serum: Really smooth water-free ascorbic acid product. I started using a lot of products from The Inkey List this year and I’m planning to do a whole video on the brand later.

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The Inkey List

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution: Budget-friendly gentle exfoliant, also great as a deodorant. I’m also planning to do a video on my favourite products from The Ordinary later.

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Kate Ryan Skincare Total Nutrition Night Repair Complex: Excellent all-rounder product that has a dash of everything. Great for when your skin needs to perk up but you don’t want to risk irritation (the night before a big event, for example).

Ultra Violette Supreme ScreenPurito Centella Green Level Unscented SunAzclear Day Moisturiser: Sunscreens with high protection, new UVA filters and light textures (AU SPF disclaimer: always read the label and follow directions for use).

Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm: Charlotte Cho of Sokoglam gifted me her cleansing duo when we were at JakartaXBeauty together. I love the cleansing gel too (reviewed here), but I LOVE the cleansing balm. It’s rich but rinses off nicely to leave a thin film of oil and hydrated skin, plus destroys waterproof makeup.

Charlotte Cho

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Indeed Labs Bakuchiol Reface Pads: These have the very trendy bakuchiol as well as lots of niacinamide. While I don’t think bakuchiol should be as hyped as it is, this product worked really well on my skin. The founder of Indeed Labs messaged me after my post on the science behind bakuchiol – while she was disappointed in my conclusion, she appreciated my honesty and integrity, which was a really lovely and unexpected thing to hear! I’ve had a lot of unpleasant interactions with brands when I’ve expressed less-than-rapturous opinions about their products, so it’s really raised my (already pretty high) opinion of Indeed Labs.

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Indeed Labs Bakuchiol Reface Pads

Zelens Power D Treatment Drops: These really soothed some tretinoin peeling I had after my trip to Europe (when I paused it for 3 weeks). Pricey but the effect was impressive, so it might be worth a try if nothing else is cutting it, or if you have a higher budget.

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Zelens Power D Drops

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub: Great salt and sugar scrub for the body, no mess and smells heavenly. The formulator commented on my Instagram post featuring it!

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub

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Necessaire The Body Wash: Hydrating gentle body wash with glycerin and niacinamide. Also looks chic AF in the shower.

Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil: I discovered this on my Europe trip with Bioderma. Unfortunately not available in Australia, but really lovely in dry winters.

Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil

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Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel: A really cheerfully citrus scented shower gel. My go-to default shower gel this year, it works well and the scent makes me happy.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your winners of 2019?

All of these products have been provided as PR samples in the past or were sent to me as part of sponsored posts, but as always these are my honest opinions. This post also contains affiliate links – if you decide to click through and support Lab Muffin financially (at no extra cost to you), thank you! For more information, see Disclosure Policy.

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8 thoughts on “My Favourite Skincare Products of 2019”

  1. Agree with you on The Ordinary Glycolic zacid 7% Toning Solution. The price is reasonable enough that I use it as a body lotion – so moisturizing!

    My face is too sensitive for any actives so I am hoping Bchuchiol good alternative . I bought some on Indeed Labs 50% off Christmas sale.

  2. Really helpful! I love how your reviews are provided from the consumer AND science lens.

    The post about armpit deodorization with glycolic acid is going to make it into my list of dinner table conversation topics. 🙂

    Looking forward to more posts in 2020!

  3. Hi, is there any way you can do some tests on the Lacura range from Aldi? There is SO much talk about the caviar comparison to La’prairie.

    Also is there anything worth noting in their skin serums and gels (esp hyalaronic gel) as they are so cheap (compared to majority claiming same active ingredients)

    Thank you and loving your website btw!!

  4. Thanks for the helpful post! Do you use the Kate Ryan Skincare Total Nutrition Night Repair Complex as your (last step) moisturiser? And as it contains retinol, should I avoid using it on top of anything (acids for example)?

    I’m currently looking for a replacement for my Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream so I’m just wondering if this might be a good alternative.

    Thanks, love your site!

  5. Concur with you on The Ordinary Glycolic zacid 7% Toning Solution. The value is sensible enough that I use it as a body moisturizer – so saturating!

    My face is unreasonably touchy for any actives so I am trusting Bchuchiol great option . I got some on Indeed Labs half off Christmas deal.

  6. My winners for 2019 were several products from The Ordinary. I was also surprised at the price points. I look forward to your post expressing your thoughts on the brand.


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