OPI Gwen Stefani Push and Shove swatch and review

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I really liked the two polishes I’ve already swatched from OPI’s upcoming Gwen Stefani collection, but the polish I was really hanging out for was Push and Shove. There was a lot of mystery surrounding this one – the samples all had a blank nail for this shade, and they had an agonising slow reveal for the bottle shots. So here it is: OPI’s first ultra-chrome shade!

This finish is a lot like the Layla Mirror Effects collection – a smooth, streakless, dense metallic effect. The set includes a mini-sized bottle of a special grippy bump-filling basecoat, Lay Down That Base.

I was a little concerned because the first coat of Push and Shove went on streaky, but the second coat smoothed everything out. This finish really emphasises every flaw on your nail, and I didn’t pay too much attention to buffing my nails smooth beforehand, so you can see the resulting ridges and bumps show through the polish. I was hoping that Push and Shove would flatten out better than the Layla Mirror Effects, since it doesn’t recommend buffing, but I think it’s around the same.

The label does recommend that you leave off top coat, but I was curious how much of a difference it makes.

I applied Seche Vite on my middle and pinky fingers, and left the index and ring fingers with no top coat. Happily, I didn’t think there was a noticeable difference!

The label also says that “Push and Shove is intended for One Night Only wear” – I noticed a lot of tipwear on the top coat-free nails after a few hours of normal activity. The polish also scrapes off quite easily, and will continue to peel from the exposed part. I would definitely recommend that you try it out with a few different top coats to extend the wear time!

I really liked how eye-catching this finish was! I hope OPI release more chrome finish polishes in the future – I had no problems applying this and the effect was stunning. Maybe it’ll be the new Liquid Sand for OPI?

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8 thoughts on “OPI Gwen Stefani Push and Shove swatch and review”

  1. I have to say – a little bit of a let down – so much secrecy, and essentially we’ve seen this before. It will be great for stamping though (but how many silver foils do I really need?)

  2. Hmmm… I guess I can be glad that it looks just like (and sounds like it behaves just like) my Layla chromes. Any word on the price, though? It seems to me that would be the determining factor in which brand a person decides to buy.

  3. Wow…. all this secrecy and acting like it would be SO new and different and it’s really not that awesome or special at all. And it comes with a “special base coat” wah wah wah.
    That’s really disappointing. They described it as being so mirrored and reflective and it really isn’t at all. It looks like any other chrome polish on the market. In fact I’m sure there are even better ones out there.


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