My Favourite Skincare Products of 2019 (with video)

2019 skincare favourites

Here are my favourite skincare products of the year! For 2018 I went through my empties, but this year I didn’t actually use much up (too much product testing). I started making a list of products I loved, but it ended up really long, so I limited myself to products that I discovered in 2019, and only one product from …

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All About Azclear Azelaic Acid Medicated Lotion

This post is sponsored by Azclear. Here’s a breakdown of the science behind a cult Australian skincare nerd favourite: Azclear Medicated Lotion. What Is Azelaic Acid? Azelaic acid is an active skincare ingredient that’s great for a range of skin conditions, including mild to moderate acne and papulopustular rosacea. You’ll mostly find it in creams and gels, at concentrations between …

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Video: My Top 6 Favourite Sunscreens

As you might know, I have a spreadsheet of sunscreen reviews to keep track of sunscreens I’ve been trying, and I’ve finally collected 6 sunscreens that have achieved holy grail status. So I thought I’d film a video review of these 6 of my favourite sunscreens, with my updated thoughts on them! I’ve also included some honourable mentions that didn’t …

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