Expert tips on false eyelashes from makeup artist Allie Clark

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I love falsies, but learning how to apply them is a bit tricky! As well as the tutorial I posted earlier on how I apply my lashes, here are some extra tips from makeup artist Allie Clark, who designed the Glam by Manicare range and is a professional lash ninja.

– Make sure you trim your lashes! 80% of your eye width is a good rule of thumb.

– Put on eyeshadow and liner before you put on lashes.

– Curling your lashes and applying mascara before you put on falsies gives the falsies a good base to sit on, especially for thick, heavy styles.

– Put on the lashes while looking down into a mirror – this helps you aim better and avoid getting glue all over your lid.

– Don’t put them on too close to the outer corners – this makes the lashes “droop” and look faker.

– If you have hooded eyes (most people), avoid long styles that will hit you on the brow bone. Thick bands and dense lashes work well.

– If you have deep set eyes (prominent brow bone, inner half of eyelid much more visible – more common in older women), opt for spiky, less dense styles to avoid making your eyes look too small. Flared and half lash styles can help lift the outer corners.

– If you have prominent eyes, go for thick bands and dense styles – very long falsies will make your eyes protrude more, so avoid those.

What’s your favourite false eyelash tip? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I do have hooded eyes, but I’ve never had fake eyelashes hit me on my ‘brown one.’
    Thanks for the laugh! 😀


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