DIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

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I’ve mentioned before that I love my netting-sponge-on-a-stick – it’s great for washing conditioner off your back, and for reaching your feet when you’re too sore to bend over (thanks, dance comp training). I’ve been using a sponge on a plastic handle from Daiso (which cost a whole $2.80) but recently it looks like they’ve decided to discontinue it, with no good replacement.


So I grabbed one from Chemist Warehouse… but alas, the stick is made of wood, and the mesh sponge is super dense, which mean it’s not going to dry out properly, which is pretty much THE biggest issue for me.

DIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

Why Do Shower Sponges Need to Dry?

We tend to think of soap as clean, but bacteria can still thrive even with regular soaping of your sponge!

The number one thing that makes bacteria grow is water. That’s why there’s a robust preservative system in every properly formulated water-based beauty product.

It’s no different in your shower. If your sponge doesn’t dry properly, you get bacterial growth, which is a problem because you tend to use the sponge on your skin. If you scrub it over broken skin (e.g. your leg after shaving, or just overly vigorous sponging), you can get an infection. The infections are usually rashes that look like pimples or insect bites.

There are a lot of case reports of sponges infecting people – usually healthy people who don’t have immune problems. For example:

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my bacne is actually folliculitis – it seems to happen all the damn time.

Unfortunately, simply changing your sponge regularly doesn’t necessarily get rid of the problem – one study found that new, sterile loofah sponge in distilled water could still allow bacteria to grow. And synthetic sponges can still grow bacteria, since they don’t dry completely and collect dead skin cells that bacteria can feed off.

The best things to do to keep your sponge less icky:

The Scrunchable Shower Sponge

It’s hard to dry out a dense sponge, even if it’s made of mesh, so I was delighted when I came across this sponge in Daiso:

DIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a StickDIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

It’s a sponge that you can stretch out or scrunch up with the string – you scrunch it up to use it on your body, then stretch it out to dry. Genius!

So why not combine the sponge-on-a-stick and the scrunchable sponge? That, Dear Reader, is what I did.

DIY Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

DIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

What you need

  • A piece of mesh netting – I bought a $1 shower sponge (much like these) and took it apart and cut it up to get three less-dense sponges. I used one piece for this.
  • A stick with holes – I used the stick from an old shower sponge.
  • A piece of ribbon or string
  • A bead or fancy spring cord lock – I grabbed a plastic cord lock off a reuseable shopping bag

DIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

1. Fold the netting in half.

2. The Daiso sponge has a channel sewn in for the string to slide through. I’m lazier and my mesh has big holes, so I wove the ribbon down the middle using a running stitch. I separated the string and poked one end through the netting near the fold in the middle, then put them back together and wove the doubled ribbon down the middle. Each stitch was about 2 inches long.

DIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

3. Put the ribbon ends through two separate holes in the stick, then put the two pieces through the cord lock and tie the ends together to keep the lock on. Tie it a few more times so it doesn’t slip through. Done!

DIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

You can also improve this by attaching the netting to the stick as well, so you can just pull the stick and the folded end apart to expand the sponge. You can also skip the stick to make your own regular expandable netting sponge!

DIY Quick-Dry Scrunchable Shower Sponge on a Stick

Scary Shower Sponge Story References

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