Disney Princesses Challenge, aka I Hate Disney Part 2: Snow White

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Time for another edition of Ranty Lab Muffin! Today we’re dealing with Disney’s first animated feature: 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It feels wrong to lay into a senior citizen of a film from contemporary perspectives, so let’s quickly breeze through a few obvious points that I largely covered last week in my grumpy Jasmine rant:

– Hot princess, wild animals love her, etc. Mini-vom. A few points for not going for blonde Aryan princess like originally planned.

“I clean now.”

– Snow White turns up at a house and immediately starts cleaning, showing how “good” she is, I guess. Maybe that’s why the dwarfs are perfectly ok with finding a hot woman sprawled across their bed – free housekeeper! Personally, if I found a hot stranger asleep on my bed, I’d ring the police and hide outside in my car, even if he’d just vacuumed the whole house. I guess the seven of them could overpower her if necessary.


– “Some Day My Prince Will Come” – it’s a product of its times, yes, when good girls were encouraged to just hang out and wait for someone to magically turn up, but it’s a bit disturbing knowing that young girls still learn this song and message today.

– Naturally the antidote to the poison is “true love’s kiss” – even in earlier versions of the fairytale, it’s the prince accidentally dislodging the poisoned chunk of apple which saves her, which Disney decided made less sense than true love that develops purely from attraction to looks and singing voices, which obviously never fades as you age. Good luck there with your happily ever after! (Unless Disney’s making a super subtle allusion to Snow White becoming the next Evil Queen when she ages and loses the prince’s love? I see what you did there.)

– Also, women are hotter when they’re passive, especially when they’re so passive they’re dead.

What really annoys me is this: if the Queen can turn herself into a ugly hag, why can’t she botox herself up a bit? Or turn Snow White ugly?

I can’t completely hate the film though – the dwarfs are just too adorable! And I possess pretty much all of their traits (sleepy, happy, bashful, grumpy, sneezy, dopey, soon-to-be Doc… and short).

For the nail art portion of this post, I did a design inspired by the bold patterns on Snow White’s dress:

I used ulta3 Pro Sky Blue, Orly Flare, Skinfood Black Pearl and OPI Die Another Day, and used tape for the chevron feature nail.

Come back next week for Mulan-themed whine ‘n’ shine!

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29 thoughts on “Disney Princesses Challenge, aka I Hate Disney Part 2: Snow White”

  1. Loveeeee the nail design! Completely agree with you on the points you’ve made. I think it’s important to take into account context, but you’re dead on with the fact that these messages are still being shown to young girls today. sigh.

    • I think there are many alternatives to classic Disney these days, but parents will still want to show their kids “classic Disney” without thinking it through.

    • Thanks! I feel like I’ve been a bit lazy nail art-wise when other ladies are freehanding intricate faces, but I just can’t wear something like that around without being crazy self-conscious…

  2. as much as i LOVE Disney, your posts make me laugh so hard! they remind me of those articles on the website Cracked.com? have you read them? you can even submit articles for them and they publish them!

  3. You’re so funny! Love the points you made (although Snow White is MY favorite >.<). I would totally appreciate that boy cleaning my room. But I’ll hold on to my pepper spray- just in case he turns out to be a creep!

    • Haha, I think I’d appreciate anyone cleaning my room! Just not a stranger that’s mysteriously inside my house when I got home from work. Maybe my overcautiousness is what’s holding me back from having a clean house…

  4. Ooh have a case of the grabby hands for the sky blue polish!

    I haven’t seen Snow White in aggggges, but the Bitches Be Jelly theme always rubbed me the wrong way, as does the whole “look a dead chick! I’ll go French Kiss her!”

    In the original, doesn’t the prince dislodge the apple by bumping her, as he’s taking her to his palace to put on display?! Prince be cray.

    • It’s pretty awesome – a bit lumpy without top coat, but the colour is amaze.

      I think the jealousy theme is pretty realistic given society’s obsession with female youthfulness, but not really the best message to implant into kids’ psyches. And yeah, premature introduction into the sleep creeping porn genre.

      Idk if it’s just princes being cray – my parents recently went to view some saint’s third head or something. Everyone be cray!

  5. “Also, women are hotter when they’re passive, especially when they’re so passive they’re dead. “
    Technically I think it’s supposed to be a coma, but the point is well taken.

    • I think everyone’s assuming she’s dead – otherwise the coffin and the laying of flowers and the general funerality of it all is a bit dark. Idk what’s worse though – one’s relatively victimless, whereas the other’s a bit less… niche. Otoh, it could make for an awesome Kill Bill/Snow White crossover…

  6. Great post! I never really liked Snow White. I think it’s the implausibility of stumbling across a house with 7 men of ‘short stature’ living in it, and just moving in with them. I mean seriously, how freaky is that?

  7. I really like your take on the Snow White nails. I thought your post was really thought provoking! That said, I can’t help but love the Disney movies 😛 I do start thinking about how I may have been influenced by them as a young girl though, and I agree that there is a weird obsession with finding the perfect “prince”. Unfortunately I know a lot of men who, if they found a hot woman in their house cleaning, then they’d be 100% okay with it! :/

    • I was definitely influenced by them, and I must’ve watched each one no more than twice (and I didn’t watch all of them). I think that’s why I need to get it out of my system!

      I guess it comes down to – men can usually overpower women if necessary, whereas for most women, “hot guy” would entail muscles, which is not really something you want a home intruder to have.

  8. Haha, I love your analysis and also the nails. This is why Tiana is one of the better role models Disney has produced (which isn’t much of a competition). She’s the only one who’s not swayed by ~prince charming~, she just wants to start her own business and be independent. Of course, she does end up marrying rich at the end, but we all know Disney movies aren’t very realistic (she turns into a frog during the movie, after all).

    • Haha! I don’t understand people who love them unconditionally. I guess maybe if you grow up with their movies as a large part of your childhood, there’s a lot of nostalgia involved?

      And thanks 🙂


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