Anatomicals Australian range – review

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Funky British brand Anatomicals recently launched properly in Australia. The brand has been a bestseller on ASOS for a while already, but you can bag them now  in store at Target, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

I have to admit – I’m a massive sucker for nice smells, cheerful packaging and cheeky marketing. Luckily for me, Anatomicals is reasonably budget-friendly (body care $8.99, hand care $7.99), and surprisingly, given that they managed to tick all the other boxes, really good.

There Won’t Be a Dry Thigh in the House is a lilac-scented body lotion. It smells mildly flowery without going into Grandma territory, and is non-greasy, sinking in quickly while still being very effective. This has made my HG list – I’m looking forward to trying the other lotions (Not Another Rough Day Please is vanilla, or as the press release puts it, “smells like unicorns galloping through a tub of ice-cream”), and Bye Bye Miss American Dry is cherry – all 200 mL).

There are two body scrubs available, both thankfully formulated without microplastics! Pumice is the physical exfoliant in them.

The Seven Deadly Skins smells of delicious melon lollies, while The Buff Stuff is grapefruit scented and a tad more heavy duty.

The body cleansers and hand soaps come in convenient pump-top bottles. I’ve only tried New York, London, Paris and Foam out of the body cleansers (300 mL) – it’s a blueberry-scented cleanser that’s bordering on sickly sweet for me, but it’s a number one bestseller on ASOS so no doubt a lot of people disagree! The other body cleansers are:

Could We Be Any More Pacific – an aquatic scented cleanser that’s quite unisex
100% Not Chanel, But Cocoa All the Same – this actually smells like a bar of chocolate!
Shower to the People – a refreshing lemongrass and grapefruit scented cleanser, probably my favourite of the body cleansers, and comes with a sacri-delicious picture of Che Guevara showering on the bottle.

The hand soaps are also 300 mL. It’s pretty hard to get me excited about hand soap, but I do love the names!

Get Your Filthy Hands On Me – this one’s passionfruit scented, with my favourite cheeky name.
Silly Twits Ignore Their Mitts – contains peppermint and lemon to freshen up dirty hands.
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – grapefruit and mandarin scented

The hand creams are full of moisturising shea butter and vitamin E, and are a generous 100 mL. Tjere are three varieties: Help the Paw (paw paw), The Cream of British Society (white tea), and Be Good With Your Hands in Bed (avocado). The last one’s a night time hand cream, though less rich than I expected for an overnight treatment. It leaves a slightly greasy film. but I don’t think it’ll do much for seriously rough hands.

There are also a couple of cloth face masks ($3.99) that are exclusive to Chemist Warehouse, which I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet.

The range currently includes body scrubs, cleansers and lotions, and hand soaps and creams, plus the masks. My only real complaint is that they don’t have more categories – I’d love some hair stuff (there are a few on ASOS already) and perhaps some room sprays and candles (which is asking a lot of a body care brand, I know, but a girl can dream). I’m not being paid to write this, I swear – I am really genuinely impressed by this range. It’s rare that I have very little to complain about!

Anatomicals can be found at Target, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

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7 thoughts on “Anatomicals Australian range – review”

  1. I saw Anatomicals at Target recently and wondered if I was dreaming! So glad they’re available locally now. Their Stop Cracking Up lip balm got me through a cold European holiday, and I love their punny names (I have one of their sleep masks which reads ‘nod off and let the world sod off’ lol!)

  2. In spite of all Anatomicals attempts to appear cool, my teenage daughter is appalled to discover “the seven deadly sins melon body scrub” she recently bought from Big W contains plastic microbeads. Sure it says “pumice” on the list of ingredients, but this is followed by “polyethylene” 🙁 and she feels deceived. The product isn’t available on their web store, is it being dumped on an unsuspecting Aussie market?


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