Review: A’kin Rosehip Oil

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I haven’t written a proper review in a while, but this inspired me to write one.

My first experience with rose hip oil was half a bottle that my mum gave me. I wasn’t impressed at first – funny smelling orange oil in an old crusty bottle. But my skin was crappy from years of daily heavy foundation, and it was getting worse and worse. So I rubbed some on my face every night, not expecting much.

Then after a week – Oh. My. Gosh.

Super smooth cheeks.
Tiny nose pores.
Not a blackhead in sight.

Granted, that week I’d been too busy to poke at my skin like I usually do, but I can’t remember the last time my skin had been that smooth. I have annoying combination skin – oily T-zone, dry cheeks – I’ve always had to have two moisturisers. But for whatever reason, rosehip oil just improved everything.

Three months later, I ran out. With my new, dewy clear skin, I was confident – my skin was good enough to last without that $30 per 23 mL stuff! I went back to using my old moisturisers. My skin started off ok, but then the clogged pores came back. Oil cleansing wasn’t cutting it, and I couldn’t walk past a mirror without extracting a ripe blackhead. It was getting to crisis point.

Then, three weeks ago, I walked past Priceline, which just happened to have A’kin Rosehip Oil on sale. And I’m in love again!

What makes rosehip oil such a good product?

Vitamin A – anti-acne, anti-hyperpigmentation, collagen-boosting, anti-clogging goodness – see here for more
Vitamin E – antioxidant – can help reduce wrinkles, roughness and sun damage

I’ve only really tried A’kin Rosehip Oil – I’m sure other people have had success with other brands, but frankly I’m too scared to change for now. I have two bottles of NOW Food Rose Hip Oil, which is produced via a different method and is colourless, and I’ve been trying it intermittently but it doesn’t seem to work as well for me, although for girls with very sensitive skin, it may be better tolerated.

Do you have an SOS beauty product that’s never failed?

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35 thoughts on “Review: A’kin Rosehip Oil”

  1. Hey, can I make the spider veins of my face worse by using this product? Because of the vitamin A……
    Thanks a lot,

  2. Hey Michelle I use Rose Hip oil EVERYDAY! It has completely replaced my moisturiser and I began using it almost 2 years ago. It has literally saved my skin! I was just like you, when I never used to use it, I would always find things to pick on my face and it would leave nasty pigmentations from the scars and since using Rosehip oil it has done wonders. I have used A’kin before but I personally like the brand Sukin more. They have a great rosehip oil, and they also have an AMAZING facial moisturiser that absorbs so quickly, which I sometimes use after rosehip oil. Yay i’m glad you like it. I can’t live without my rosehip, i take it with me everywhere!

  3. I just started using rosehip oil and am already seeing results, very little but it’s there. I am excited to see what a few months of using it will bring!

    • Are you kidding me! I just bought a bottle of Kosmea certified organic rose hip oil as I had read on that it was the best thing for nourishing skin and getting rid of pigmentation. Well, let’s see…I will let you know in a month’s time,cos it said if there is no lightening of the pigmentation after a month then it probably isn’t working anyway. Hope springs eternal!
      I have,however, rubbed just one drop onto the back of my hand that looks like a prune…and OMG, the skin feels as smooth as…INSTANTLY! Not so sure about the smell though…a bit like wet bark chips.

    • My old bottle got crusty too – it’s probably just the oil oxidising from exposure to air and light. Essentially the crust is a combination of it going bad and the more volatile liquidy bits evaporating, leaving the solid stuff that used to be dissolved in it behind. Just wipe the edges, and the rose hip oil inside should still be good to use as long as it doesn’t start smelling really bad!

  4. I first learned about the amazing benefits of rosehip oil almost a year ago, and I have tried almost all the rosehip oil products on the market – and the best one is the Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Serum. It has a high concentration of rosehip oil – without being too oily – this was important for my sensitive skin. I use it twice daily, in addition to my regular moisturizer, as it is very dry here in Colorado and my aging skin needs all the help it can get.

    My wrinkles are less noticeable than when I used Botox years ago. Try the Made from Earth Rosehip Serum, as its the best rosehip seed oil on the market – and it has no hamrful chemicals in it. Its the only thing I can use with my sensitive skin.

  5. Does it matter if the rosehip oil is not strictly cosmetic? Specifically, an unexciting generic 100 ml bottle I got at the pharmacy, their own, 100% oil. No fancy design or adjectives, which in itself doesn’t bother me, but I wonder if the cosmetic version includes other agents, or is prepared differently, or anything like that.

    • The preparation makes a difference – cold pressing or CO2 extraction preserves more of the nutrients. But otherwise, it shouldn’t make too big a difference!

  6. Umm, I’ve been using NOW Food Rose Hip Oil. It is a good brand, except I think that it is more refined, hence a lighter color. I haven’t noticed any results either.


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