Lab Muffin guide: AHAs vs. BHAs

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are chemical exfoliants which are in many of our cosmetic products… what’s the difference between them, and which one should you use for what? First …

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DIY whipped body butter

I bought a tub of unrefined shea butter recently, and I’ve been rubbing little bits into any rough patches on my legs whenever I had an opportunity. Unfortunately, it’s hard …

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Artsy Wednesday: Pink nails

Hi everyone! Holly from Hooked!, Alanna from Pretty Purple Polish and I have decided to start doing a once-a-week nail art challenge, Artsy Wednesday – today’s theme is pink nails. …

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Interesting nail facts

First off, the best and worst thing about working in a chemistry “wet lab”: We wash our glassware with acetone. On a productive day, I can go through a litre …

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Science bonus: Hair repair!

Yesterday, big name cosmetic science blog The Beauty Brains answered my question on which hair products actually repair (rather than just protect) your damaged hair! Check it out here.