Artsy Wednesday: Maidenhair fern nails (inspired by nature)

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I had so much fun sticking stuff to my nails last week, I decided to continue this week:

The theme is “inspired by nature”, so I snipped a frond of my mum’s maidenhair fern (don’t tell her!) and stuck them onto a base of creamy OPI Skull & Glossbones.


1. Paint nails with base, let dry

2. Cut a piece the size you want

3. Paint a nail with regular clear polish or topcoat

4. Squish the fern on – if you’re feeling posh use an orangewood stick, but I just used my finger, hoping that Seche Vite would smooth it out later, which it did. I think a stick might actually make more noticeable dents in the base if you aren’t careful.

5. Cover with Seche Vite or other thick topcoat.

6. Enjoy!

    Maidenhair ferns are delicate creatures and wither quickly, so you want to cut your fern just before you use it or it gets hard to handle. They also darken a lot when they touch topcoat, so keep that in mind when choosing a base.

    A bittersweet Artsy Wednesday announcement: Sofie of Swaafie is going on an overseas adventure which means she can’t polish her nails as regularly anymore. Watch the space below for a new Artsy Wednesday member!

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    27 thoughts on “Artsy Wednesday: Maidenhair fern nails (inspired by nature)”

      • I didn’t try… I took it off because I didn’t have the time or patience to do my right hand as well, I needed to go somewhere. I wish I did though, it was really pretty! I don’t think it’d crack, it might bubble and peel off faster than normal though. Since it’s sandwiched between two layers of polish, it can’t really dry out.

    1. This looks AMAZING! What an awesome idea! I’m tempted to try it, but I’m afraid it will be too “lumpy” because I am not skilled enough 🙁

      • Maidenhair ferns are really delicate and lie flat really easily… I think individual flower petals would work well too! It really didn’t take much skill, just lots of mashing it flat with a finger 😛

    2. Wow this is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever thought about trying to put flowers into my nail art before but that might be fun! I don’t have any ferns about so I guess I’ll try to hunt down some smaller lovelies and try it out.


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