Operation Freckle-Away feat. Neostrata Gel Plus

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After researching AHAs and BHAs for my blog post here, I incorporated 8% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid into my nightly skincare routine and I’ve been very impressed with the smooth, glowy skin and reduced pores they gave me. I’ve recently embarked on Operation Freckle-Away, which is me trying to get rid of a few sun-induced freckles on my cheekbones, and part of this involves stepping up the glycolic acid to 15% with NeoStrata Gel Plus.

NeoStrata was actually founded by the scientists (Van Scott and Yu) who discovered the effects AHAs had on skin. Their skincare products reflect this – no-nonsense, clinical-looking products filled with potent and proven ingredients, in particular AHAs and PHAs. PHAs are essentially the next generation in hydroxy acid exfoliants – they’re more moisturising and hence better for sensitive skin, thanks to the additional hydroxy groups which have a humectant effect and attract water. Additionally, PHAs act as antioxidants to protect the skin.

NeoStrata Gel Plus contains an AHA (glycolic acid) at a relatively high concentration of 15% – it’s only recommended for experienced users of AHAs whose skin is already accustomed to chemical exfoliants. Gel Plus is well formulated – it was easy to spread and absorbed quickly into my skin, and it comes in a handy hygienic flip-top bottle. Only a tiny amount is needed. My skin is oily to begin with, and it didn’t feel too dry or itchy after application, which has happened with some other products in the past (Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid, for example). After only a few nights of use, my skin felt significantly softer and a few pimples threatening to flare up started flattening – huzzah!

(I felt like this picture was appropriate again.)

As with any other AHA or BHA product, you have to wear sunscreen while using it since it exposes fresh skin, and sun will counteract all the effort you’ve put in!

– Exfoliates, even out pigmentation, reduce appearance of pores, smooth wrinkles and stimulate collagen synthesis for firmer, fresher-looking skin
– Results backed by scientific research
– Sturdy, hygienic packaging
– Excellent formula which spreads well

– For girls with sensitive or dry skin, or simply those who haven’t tried any chemical exfoliants before, your skin may react to this. Go slow!
– Freshly exfoliated skin is thinner and more sensitive to sun – sunscreen is a must!
– Smells like alcohol (this could be a pro, actually, depending on what you like your products to smell like!)

This is definitely going to be a staple in my skincare routine!

Product provided by PR, which did not affect my opinion of it. For more details, see Disclosure Policy. Neostrata Gel Plus retails at $40.95 for 100 mL. For stockists, visit their website.

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11 thoughts on “Operation Freckle-Away feat. Neostrata Gel Plus”

  1. How do you combine AHA and BHA? I am thinking using BHA, then wait for 20 minutes then apply AHA. I am not sure though. Ideally I would like to use benzoyl peroxide too. I’d love to hear what you think.

    • I generally use them on different areas of my face – the joys of combination skin! BHA on the T-zone, AHA everywhere else.

      I use BP too, but since AHA/BHA keeps my skin mostly clear, I just use it as a spot treatment. If I were to use all the treatments at once, I’d add in one at a time to minimise irritation, and wait 20 minutes between them, or even 12 hours (one group of ingredients for morning, and one for night).

    • Thanks. I don’t feel like my skin gets irritated when using BHA en BP. But now I want to clear my acne scars, so that is why I want to add AHA.

  2. Hmmm good to know. I have eyed some Neostrata products before but I always end up back with my Obagi staples. I try to never leave my house without slathering on sun block because I use a product with retinoic acid at night so I don’t want the sun to damage my skin afterwards. I also use 2% benzoyl peroxide twice a day because I have major acne issues. Personally I like clinical looking and smelling products. The more science the more data I can use to confirm results! Hehe well I’d like to try this out maybe in my night time routine.

  3. Different people use different skincare gels to make their skin smooth, glowy and wrinkle free. The gel produced by you incorporating 8% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid into your nightly skincare routine is awesome and very helpful to reduce pores. I am very glad to read that you are recentely embarked on Operation Freckle-Away, which you are trying to get rid of a few sun-induced freckles on your cheekbones, and part of this involves stepping up the glycolic acid to 15% with NeoStrata Gel Plus mentioned in this post. pharmacy major education

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