Guide to Acne Patches: Hydrocolloid, Treatment, Microneedle (Video)

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If you’re wondering what the difference is between all of the different acne patches around, and whether they even work, you’re not alone – I get asked this a lot, so I made a video about them!

I was also itching for an excuse to use my microscope again, so there are some fun(?) closeups of microneedle patches. I was surprised to see that all the brands I had used very different microneedle shapes.

In this video I cover:

  • Benefits of acne patches
  • Advantages, disadvantages and tips for using each type:
    • Hydrocolloids
    • Acne treatment patches
    • Microneedle patches
  • Which patch on which spots?

The YouTube video is here. If you just want to gawk at the microscope footage, go straight to 0:00 and 6:42.

Some products I’ve tried that I quite liked:

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Are you a fan of acne patches, or are you more into traditional spot treatments? Which ones work best for you? Also, what else should I use my microscope on next?

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3 thoughts on “Guide to Acne Patches: Hydrocolloid, Treatment, Microneedle (Video)”

  1. I don´t think I have tried many acne patches, and for sure none with needles inside, so it will be interesting to see which ones you recommend for my deep set hormonal spots.

  2. Have you used your microscope on zinc oxide based sunscreens before? How much detail would you be able to see? I’m deep into sunscreen research at the moment so it’s the only thing on my brain!


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