Re-explaining 5 Minute Magic’s Beauty Tips (Video)

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I watched a 5 Minute Magic video recently, titled “25 THINGS ABOUT COSMETICS YOU NEVER KNOW”. It had a lot of interesting skincare, makeup and haircare demonstrations in it, followed by… random hacks and tips that were completely unrelated to the demonstration, or just completely wrong. So I thought I’d re-explain the science behind the demos, and talk about whether the hacks have merit or not (a couple of them actually do!).

Yeah, it’s… sort of a reaction video.

I’m sorry. I’ve failed us all. I’ll be doing an ASMR video next.

Check it out on YouTube here.

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6 thoughts on “Re-explaining 5 Minute Magic’s Beauty Tips (Video)”

  1. Oh my gosh. You are delightful. I’m a lawyer so I know basically nothing about science, but I sure as heck love facts. Thank you for all the data so that I can make informed decisions! #science. Can you break down the chemical composition of more hair products? I.e., what actually works as claimed (even a little) and what is totally faux? My cousin was a pharmaceutical chemist and told me some crazy stories about how hair products are all the same, so I’d love your expertise to help navigate all the bogus claims out there. Thanks for dropping all of the knowledge!

  2. if I’m being honest, I actually found it educational and your face was priceless at points. Not against another one in the future haha


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