How to Squeeze a Pimple Safely (Jakarta X Beauty collab video)

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In July this year I was invited to Jakarta X Beauty, a 3 day beauty event run by Female Daily Network. In 2019, there were talks from over 80 speakers! I did two: one on hyperpigmentation with Kae (@kaepratiwi), and one on acne with Dr Arini Astasari Widodo (@dermatologistjakarta).

One of the things Dr Arini and I discussed in our talk was how to squeeze a pimple properly – or by properly, we mean with the least amount of damage. Officially, you shouldn’t squeeze pimples, but we aren’t all blessed with perfect self-control, so here’s some harm minimisation information.

Check out the video on YouTube here.

Do you have any other tips for squeezing pimples? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “How to Squeeze a Pimple Safely (Jakarta X Beauty collab video)”

  1. Looks like a great event! This is great information for teens – when I was a teen, I wasn’t aware of the damage that could be done from squeezing and poking pimples and blackheads AND with unwashed hands! Of course I was told not to squeeze them but it’s difficult to resist! Avoiding further infection by pricking at an angle is a great tip – thanks


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