Guest Post: Matte Black Nail Art by Bec (Nail Gun XS)

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I’ve recently started working at a temp job that’s taking up a lot of my sunlight hours, so blogging has become a bit more difficult and stressful (especially with the heap of inspiration I’ve had lately!). To give myself a bit of a breather, I asked some of my favourite bloggers to guest post for me, and to my surprise, almost all of them said yes! So as a special treat, I have a week of guest bloggers – I’ll be back on Monday (with a quick pop in for Artsy Wednesday).

Today’s guest post is by Bec of Nail Gun XS. You may know her from her amazing swatches on Instagram – if not, you need to check them out! She also makes her own indie nail polishes – Arcane Lacquer.

Hello Lab Muffin readers, I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you whilst Michelle is taking a little blogging break. When Michelle asked me to prepare a guest post for her, first I was honoured to be asked and secondly I was excited. It’s always a great opportunity for me to do some nail art. If you follow my blog Nail Gun XS then you will know I have made a name for myself as a swatcher, so I don’t always get as much time to do some nail art as I used to.
I always have a long list of nail art that I want to try out in a little notebook I carry around with me that I note down ideas for nail art, ideas for polish shades to make for Arcane Lacquer as well as name ideas. And of course, a forever growing ‘to do list’. I crossed off matte black nail art and set to work.
First off I did two thin coats of OPI Black Onyx, my go-to black. The dry time and the formula is awesome, it’s also a one coater, but when I’m wearing black on its own I always do two coats to be on the safe side. It’s always annoying when it looks fully opaque to the eye but finding out it’s patchy when you take photos. 
I then grabbed my Picture Polish G’Day Matte and did one even coat. Once that was dry I put some Seche Vite on a piece of foil, grabbed a dotting tool and started to do a line of dots across the end of each nail to give a ‘french nail’ look to it. For the accent nail I did some dots all over the nail.
I was really impressed with how this turned out, very classy. I love a good plain black nail, there’s some very sophisticated about it when it’s done well.
Michelle, thank you very much for having me 🙂
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