DIY sunscreen test? Reacting to Style Theorists’ video

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The Style Theorists recently did a video where they tried to test sunscreen “scientifically”, including… in a tanning bed. A lot of people sent it to me, so I filmed a video reacting to it! You can watch it here.

style theorists sunscreen reaction video

Some of the topics covered:

  • People should wear more sunscreen
  • Sunscreen absorbing into blood
  • Coral reefs and science by press release (and that NOAA page)
  • Sunscreen pricing and marketing jargon
  • How they control the variables in an actual SPF test
  • Why tanning beds are the worst possible setup for an SPF test

Unfortunately I don’t think this video translates well to text, so there won’t be a blog post version!

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  1. Hi Michelle, I loved this video! Thank you for making it! Do you take suggestions for blog/video posts? I wanted to request one about microplastics. The EU just adopted measures restricting microplastics in cosmetics. I would love to see some example products that contain microplastics and how you can tell if a product contains microplastics. I would be happy to help collaborate on this if it would be helpful.


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