Artsy Wednesday: Cling/saran wrap manicure

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This week for Artsy Wednesday we’re doing cling wrap manis (aka saran wrap, gladwrap etc.). These are usually done with two cremes, or a creme and a shimmer, but I wasn’t ready to take Gloss ‘n Sparkle Goblins Grave off yet, so I used that as a base and applied ulta3 Gold Rush Fever on top. Here’s the result:

I like how the holo glitters glow from under the gold, but I didn’t like the final look at all and couldn’t wait to take it off! This week was a massive fail in my opinion – I’ll have to try another cling wrap mani soon to redeem myself!

This is a swatch of Goblins Grave on its own – so much better!

What was your last mani fail?

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24 thoughts on “Artsy Wednesday: Cling/saran wrap manicure”

  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought this weeks challenge was a complete and utter fail!! I just did not like it and couldn’t get it to look like the pics i’ve been seeing! I love the colours you used though!

  2. I don’t see the fail either but I know how it feels to do a mani and just not love it.

    I really like that goblin green, is it a gel-style look or is that just helped by a great topcoat? What topcoat did you use?


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