Orly Feel the Vibe Neon collection – swatches and review

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Are you ready for summer, Southern Hemisphere ladies? I am! It’s the only season where I don’t feel like a teenager wearing neon, although I draw the line at neon all over. Neon nails, though, are a great way of getting into the mood without making me feel too Malibu Stacy.

One of the neon ranges coming out soon is Orly’s limited edition Feel the Vibe collection, which will be hitting the shelves in November. The colours are sunny and have cute summer party names. The range includes:

Four neon cremes: Melt Your Popsicle (orange), Skinny Dip (blue), Glowstick (fluoro yellow), Beach Cruiser (bright pink)

Two bold shimmers: Dayglow (white), After Party (black)

While the neon cremes were incredibly eyecatching, I was more intrigued by the black and white offerings. Here are some swatches:

After Party – “black shimmer” is a massive understatement. Yes, it’s shimmer particles in a black-tinted base. But the particles are a gorgeous dense mix of blue, purple and copper microglitter – in fact, it’s more of a midnight blue than black in most lights. The formula us a bit gloopy, like most other microglitters, but it’s done in 2 coats.

Dayglow – In the bottle under light, this is a white with subtle blue-purple shimmer, but on the nail the shimmer disappears. This is three coats – it’s a nice white, and would make a great base to make the other neons in the collection “pop”, but it’s not particularly unique on its own.

The formulas were excellent, which is something I’ve come to expect of Orly polishes – they self-level very nicely on the nail and don’t streak at all. Although the neons are great and seasonally appropriate (and although I haven’t personally tried them, the internet tells me they’re incredibly fluoro neons), After Party is the true must-have in my eyes – it might even turn out to be of those cult Orly shades like Space Cadet and Fowl Play (which is still avoiding my clutches!).

All of Orly’s polishes are 3-free and have the awesome gripper caps which make opening old bottles a heckuva lot easier! I get a bit sentimental about the caps – maybe because it’s what’s on my beloved Orly Bonder, the only base coat that never fails me.

What shades will you be wearing on your nails this summer?

Orly polishs retail at $18.95 for 18 mL. This product was provided for consideration, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy

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15 thoughts on “Orly Feel the Vibe Neon collection – swatches and review”

  1. After Party is gorgeous, but so is Day Glow, pity about the shimmer hiding tho…
    I’m on the Northern Hemisphere, ready for summer, in denial of the winter ahead, sigh…
    Can I come and live with you the next months, pleeeeaassseee 😉

  2. I may be the only person alive who doesn’t care for after party but WOW dayglow! It’s a crisp white, isn’t it? Is it really as flawless and opaque as it looks in the photo?

  3. Did you get Fowl Play yet? I got my greedy little hands on a bottle on ebay and it was pretty cheap too. I just checked ebay and it is less than $6 plus free shipping. Can’t beat that lol. But it’s been 2 years since you posted this so you may already have it. =)


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