Artsy Wednesday: Drag Marble

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The theme this week is drag marble. As you might know, I’m a fan of the ol’ drag marble – I used it for the first mani I ever blogged about. This week I decided to redo one of my earliest manis, but with a slight twist – since one of my friends said it looked like coffee art, I decided to use an ombre of browns as the base:

Left to right: OPI Skull and Glossbones, Essence Nude Rules!, B by Bloom Boston, ulta3 Chocolate Cake; ulta3 Gold Rush Fever swirled on top with a safety pin.

I now realise that dragging white or silver would actually make it look like coffee, but oh well! This was also a really good opportunity for me to test out some untried browns – all the ones I used had excellent formulas.

I really think drag marbles are underrated – they’re gorgeous and so much easier than the dreaded water marble! Are you a drag marble fan? Check out what the other AW girls came up with:

Pretty Purple Polish – Maria’s Nail ArtPolished Genius – Unnaked NailsNail & PolishBeauty Gnome – An Accent Nail – Valiantly Varnished – Lacquered Lunatic

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15 thoughts on “Artsy Wednesday: Drag Marble”

  1. I love the brown ombre! I’ve been wanting to do one like that but I don’t think I have the right shades of brown. And this drag marble is sooo pretty, it really does look like coffee art 🙂

  2. The chocolate cake is very chic. I tried water marble once using nail pops, but it was a mess and I gave up. I like this method, simple and clean, although the effect a water marble has is hard, not to say impossible, to achieve with the drag method.

  3. Looking at these pictures makes me feel hungry! Mmmm coffee and chocolate cake…

    I’ve not tried drag marble for fear it would take 5 hours to dry. I might give it a try since my nails have been nekkid the past week or so.

  4. What a nice look! I’ve never seen this technique, and I love it, very classic in this particular mani but I could imagine getting creative and making this look so rebellious.

    I went back to your old posts and read how to do it, but it looks easy to mess up, >_> bummer for me but I like seeing what you do with your looks (:


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