Video: Is My Skin Purging or Breaking Out?

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Video: Is My Skin Purging or Breaking Out?

Here’s my second video. It’s based on my Purging vs Breakouts post, which I got a lot of questions on – I’m hoping that this video makes things a bit clearer if you’re trying to work out if you’re purging or breaking out from a new product! In it I cover:

  • the science behind purging and breakouts
  • tips on working out if you’re purging or breaking out
  • some ways of making the purging process less severe

(Yes, right after I edited this photo and realised how bad my eye wrinkles were, I started using anti-aging peptides and sunscreen around my eyes religiously.)

Check out the video here.

Here’s a handy, Pinterest-friendly summary of the key points for differentiating between purging and regular breakouts. These rules aren’t hard and fast, and the lists of product types are really not exhaustive at all. There’s a fair bit of guesswork required to figure out what’s going on too. But hopefully it helps!

Video: Is My Skin Purging or Breaking Out?

Again, if you have suggestions for future videos or any other suggestions in general, I’d love to know! And if you’ve subscribed already and given me feedback on my last video, thank you so much – I really appreciate it, and I read every single suggestion. You can probably see how I’ve implemented some improvements already, like cleaning up the captions and getting a little closer to the camera.

I’m getting a little more used to recording and editing videos, and I’ve just acquired some new video editing software that will work a bit better than the one I’m using now, so the next episode should be higher quality… in theory. I’m hoping the camera will be a bit less shaky when I pan and stuff! We’ll see…

I think I’ve decided on what to cover in my next video, and it’s going to be a bit ranty. I’m pretty excited about it!

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11 thoughts on “Video: Is My Skin Purging or Breaking Out?”

  1. I don´t think your wrinkles are that bad. I have been lucky so far never really to experience purging, but I try to introduce new products slowly, maybe that has helped.

  2. I think this is the hardest thing for me. I always debate whether to just STOP STOP STOP when my I break out but then another part wonders if it is purge. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your thoughts, I experienced my first real purge from prescriptions and it made a light bulb go on. Now I can tell the difference. I do wish I found your blog before my “the water hurts my face” acids experience.

    Thanks for all you do for the beauty world. Your blog is my holy grail!

  3. Any recs for eye-area-friendly sunscreen? Sometimes I feel like my regular sunscreen and makeup migrate during the day and it can be really irritating. On the other hand, I switched to wearing prescription glasses instead of contacts two years ago or so, and while I know that the glasses have some UV protection, I’m not sure how good it is. Also, even though the frame is quite large, some rays (hopefully not all) can get around them.

    • I’m having some issues with this too! The worst offender for eye irritating seems to be avobenzone so I’d avoid that!

  4. Which anti-aging peptide do you use? I am 29 and have found deeper fine lines around my eyes, and retinol is not cutting i t.

  5. Thanks-Great video! first time I’ve learned about these differences (and was really helpful especially that english isn’t my language and it all made sense)…

    I’m about to start a new skincare routine with products I’ve ordered.
    it’ll be a simple routine but I’m kind of new to the skincare world and don’t want to try everything at once because I wouldn’t know to divide the effectiveness or harming of each product.
    how do you think I should start? with which product and how long do I need to wait before introducing a new product?

    (I’m getting an AHA, 2 types of face oils, a serum, a cleanser, a moisturiser
    and an eye-cream).

    would love to know your opinion about the correct order and the gaps of time between products…
    Thank you very very much!

  6. THANK YOU FOR THIS OH MY GOSH. I’ve literally been sitting in my bathroom, trying a new product and thinking “Is this working? Or am I just reacting badly?” This post was a literal godsend. I love how easily you lay things out, and now I know the science behind what’s happening in my skin. You ROCK!

  7. Okay so that thing on my face is purging because I just started a new exfoliant with aha & bha toner. Suddenly i had these pimples on my old spot i used to get those pimple before. NOW I KNOW THAT THING IS PURGING. I can sleep now. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this because I absolutely had no idea what’s wrong with these pimples on my face (like, i just started a new skincare routine that includes aha & bha ingredients so this video explains a LOT)


  8. Thank you for this post and helping people to not constantly “abuse” their poor skin due to lack of knowledge and understanding.

    Recently, I started to use BHA, Niacinamid and Glycolic Acid and faced purging, too. Like other people I expected progress on my unclean skin but was puzzled instead and blamed the products for breaking me out. Didn’t know something like that even existed before coming to this site.

    The general lack of knowledge of basic skin science can also be seen in negative reviews on popular products when users reported breakouts, in the way how they interpreted that.


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