Video: My Top 5 Acne Tips

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I’ve had a lot of requests for a video for teenage skincare, and a lot of questions about acne. So here are my top 5 tips for acne-prone skin! It includes an appearance by Baby Goth Michelle, and some hectic eyebags courtesy of my post-Europe insomnia (one month and counting).

Click here for the video.

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3 thoughts on “Video: My Top 5 Acne Tips”

  1. Hi Michelle – I do hope you see this because I don’t know how else to contact you apart from your fb page. Long story short, I followd a link from your 5 step Acne email and was watching you talk about ‘Ultraceuticals Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 with Tinosorb S’ and saying how much you liked it because of the Tinosorb S but that ‘Ultraceuticals’ was expensive. Went searching for it online but it’s not even available on a UK site (even if I would pay that much).

    I had no idea that inorganic sunscreens weren’t very effective against UVA and every summer I suffer from hyperpigmentation which takes months to get rid of so wanted to try one with this Tinosorb S.

    A few weeks ago I found this product called ‘Altruist’ made in the UK, the SPF50 (they do both 30 & 50) says it contains Tinosorb S but it’s called something else in the list (Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine) – I’ve been going through your book and think I might have found it on page 79 (your book is a total Godsend btw), please can you tell me if I am right and it does indeed contain Tinosorb S?

    You might be interested in the price of this sunscreen, it is unbelievably cheap and the bottles are big! You can get it on amazon – won’t put the link in here just in case it won’t be accepted but if you could have a look at their website – and read the ingredients list and possibly comment on whether you think this is one of the less potentially irritating chemical sunscreens. I tested it on my neck earlier today and I’m not even sure whether I will actually have issues but the list of chemicals always scares me – (especially if it contains Avobenzone – which this does).

    I am really trying to understand more about the chemicals and although your book is extremely well written it is still quite a complex subject for the novice (me lol). I hope you can get this from Amazon in Australia because if you like it – it will save you a fortune. Any info you can pass on will be greatly appreciated.

    I hope you don’t mind but I regularly post your links to the members of my skincare group, you are very much appreciated here in the UK. Sorry about the long post.


  2. you should do a post on how to treat keratosis pilaris! So many people live with it and don’t know to manage it.


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