2017 Beauty Trends with Priceline

Beauty Trends with Priceline: Really Nifty Packaging

I recently attended a Priceline media event where we were treated to a preview of what was coming to Australia’s leading health and beauty store in the next 6 months. Here’s what caught my eye… Trend 1: Really Nifty Packaging I love a good product, and that includes the packaging, which I think is really, really underrated as part of …

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Smile Makers Vibrators Launch in Priceline…whaaat??!

Smile Makers vibrators launch in Priceline...what??!

Today I want to talk about something awkward but necessary: sexual wellbeing. Sexual wellbeing is an extremely important but taboo and under-discussed aspect of physical and psychological health. If you know me in real life, you may want to stop reading around here and detour to the safer waters of sunscreen quantities or exfoliating or hair protectants instead. Or not, …

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How to Exfoliate 1: All About Physical Exfoliants


Are you confused about how to choose the right exfoliation method for your skincare routine? This three-part series rounds up all the types of exfoliants for your face, with examples of products and their pros and cons! This post covers all the physical exfoliation options. Part 2 will be on chemical exfoliation, and Part 3 will be a guide on …

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