NOTD: Icing Peacock duochromey goodness + stamping

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Now, all you Northern Hemisphere girls are posting your pretty pastel spring manis, but it’s autumn here! To me, autumn means vampy shades, jewel colours and duochromes, so in that spirit, I just ordered $50 of duochromes which I will subject you to, one by one! Muhahaha!

Icing Peacock is a purple shimmer in a green jelly-ish base, a standard two-toned shimmer-in-jelly duochrome. I scored it in Kaz’s blog sale recently. Duochromes bring out the grabby hands in me!

The green/purple flash is a lot like my duochrome franken, Ariel. I think Ariel is prettier – the green is brighter and the purple is more distinct – but Peacock is pretty close. Because of the jelly base, both of them take a lot of layers to get full opacity, and the shimmer is a tad strokey. This swatch is 4 layers and there’s still the dreaded VNL when you look closely..

For more wearability I used a coat of ulta3 Jade as underwear. 2 coats of Peacock over that gave the full duochrome effect while being awesome opaque (I forgot to take a photo at that stage – you’ll have to trust me). Then (of course) I had to stamp over it! ulta3 Black Satin (PRC formula) is my favourite black stamping polish, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. I love how duochromes look under black:

What’s your favourite duochrome? (And how much would you bet that it was in my polish order?)

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    • It’s quite similar – I’d say Not Like the Movies is a bit paler though, this is a lot more intense! Stamping over duochromes is awesome – black crackle is great too 🙂


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