OPI San Francisco creme liquid sand stripey nail art

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I wasn’t too keen on the OPI San Francisco creme liquid sands, but I’ve found a way to make them work for me – nail art! As well as the blue liquid sand dotticure I did over on Polish or Perish, I did a brown striped manicure using OPI It’s All San Andreas’ Fault and B-Bloom Boston, a matching regular creme. I used tape to mask off the stripes.

I really like this look – it’s chic, and actually made me move this liquid sand back from the swap pile!

Do you like creme liquid sands?

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28 thoughts on “OPI San Francisco creme liquid sand stripey nail art”

  1. Whoa, I’m actually digging this! When I first saw this brown liquid sand color, I thought it looked like mud…or worse…but now I’m actually thinking it has potential…

  2. I am so NOT a fan of the texture polishes out there but I had to stop by and say this is freakin cool as all get out!

  3. Omg this is amaze. Can you please please do it for me one day?? I will pay you 1x lunch in exchange.

    – La-Croi

    • Lunch will be a bathtub of caviar, doused in virgin blood!

      It’s actually really easy, and takes barely any time if you’ve done the glossy base already, let me know when you’re free!


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