Messy Mansion MM21, MM22 and MM13 review

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Have you heard of Messy Mansion? It’s an Australia-based nail art and stamping plate store that’s particularly well known for their own in-house designed plates, some of which I have to show you today.

Julia, the owner, gave these to me to review at the National (well, East Coast) Aussie Nails Meetup last week, and all the girls got grabby hands because they’re gorgeous!

MM21 “Scaly Things” is a mythical themed plate, covered in beautiful dragon, mermaid and badass fish designs. I used China Glaze 2NITE to stamp the large dragon design and the big koi.The boyfriend said that this manicure was “actually really good”, which gave me mixed feelings since it implies that my other manis weren’t actually really good, but yeah. Boyfriend approved!

MM22 is a Halloween themed plate, made for this coming year’s inevitable rush of Halloween manis. It has fun spooky designs – pumpkins, bats, and skulls! There’s even a bat-winged trucker girl.

MM13 is the “Arabian Nights” plate, with images of minarets, mosaic designs and some Arabic which I hope isn’t offensive. I love the mosaic designs! The base colour for this is Mckfresh Oz.

I really like these plates! They’re bigger than the other round plates I own (Bundle Monster and Mash), and the full nail designs are the biggest I’ve seen (23 x 17 mm) – as you can see it was quite difficult to squeeze some of them onto my nails!

The plates are a bit sharp around the edges (though smooth), since they’re not paper backed, but the quality of the etching is excellent. There aren’t any mistakes or missing bits as far as I could see. They’re easy to use, and the patterns are very cool. No complaints from me!

Messy Mansion accepts suggestions for new plates – head to their Facebook page for more details on ordering and to get that dream design on a plate!

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    I just found your post abut the Arabian plate. The meaning of it is:
    “Surely with difficulty comes ease”. Or in another way is “After a storm comes a calm” …. I know this because I am a native Arabic speaker.

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