Lust Have It! December box review

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After November’s excellent selection, I think we all had high hopes for this month’s Lust Have It! box. So I was very excited to open it when it landed on my doorstep this morning – here it is:

1. Pelactiv Hydrating Cream CleanserThis one’s recommended for dry to normal skin, so I’m saving it up for when I have to survive the European winter soon. Pelactiv is a pretty pricey brand, so I’m glad I get a sizeable sample to try.

2. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium – My shade is light, but this will be handy if I get tanned over the Christmas break. I’ve never actually tried the Dream Fresh BB range, although I love the Dream Pure BB, so I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

3. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Medium-Light – A sample sachet of my favourite drugstore BB. It contains the excellent exfoliant salicylic acid, and I hope having this sachet in the box will let more people catch on to how great it is!
4. Uriage AquaPrecis Moisturising Refreshing Cream GelI’ve raved about this moisturising but non-greasy cream before, so I’m happy to get some more.

5. SunSense Anti-Ageing Face SPF30+ – I’m not sure about the wisdom of including skin-thinning AHAs in a sunscreen (it’s usually advised that you wear extra sunscreen if you’re treating your skin with AHAs), but I’m very glad there’s a sun product in this pre-holiday box. This is intended for combination/dry skin so I hope it works for me – it’s been very difficult finding a high-SPF facial sunscreen that isn’t too greasy.

6. Clairol Visible Repair Intensive Mask – This is an in-shower 5 minute hair mask. My hair gets very dry after going to the beach, so this will definitely get some use!

Extra vouchers – half price $200 wine voucher. I don’t drink anymore, so this won’t get used, but if you’ve been invited to lots of parties over the holiday season, this could sort out all your BYO problems!

Overall I think the November box was better, but this was pretty damn good too! There’s nothing here I wouldn’t use. Makeup fanatics will be disappointed in the selection, but since I love skincare, I was very impressed to see both products I already love and use, as well as some which I haven’t tried but are going straight to my bathroom counter.

I’m really happy with the most recent Lust Have It! boxes. I know that earlier this year, many of my fellow beauty addicts cancelled their subscriptions due to the inconsistent quality of the boxes, but the last 3 I’ve received have been very good.

Lust Have It! subscriptions are $19.95 a month, and you can get $5 off with my voucher code LABMUFFIN.

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  1. Hi, so your review inspired me to give this box a go. However, when I went to enter your code, it says it’s invalid. I guess I could be doing it wrong, but maybe you want to check with them also?


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