Lab Muffin’s top beauty products of 2012

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2012 is nearly over, so here’s a round-up of the beauty products that got the most use this year (nail polish excluded):

Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel (reviewed here) – My go-to exfoliator when my skin feels like it needs a good scrub. It’s a mix of physical and chemical exfoliant, and it lives in my shower caddy pretty much permanently.

PVA base coat
(how to make it here, troubleshooting here) – I’ve used this under the manicures that contain glitter, or that I might layer glitter on top of later (i.e. all of them). So much easier to remove, and on my nails, it doesn’t do any damage.

Models Prefer Cleansing Brush (reviewed here) – I only picked this up recently, but I’ve used it almost every second or third day since. It turns any cleanser into a scrub, and makes my skin feel properly clean when I need to remove foundation.

Rose Hip Oil (reviewed here, here, here and here)* – This has reduced breakouts significantly, and whenever my skin plays up, it’s likely that I’ve been lazy about the RHO.

Neostrata Gel Plus* (reviewed here) – I’ve been loving chemical exfoliants (especially AHAs and BHAs) for their ability to even out my skin tone, and this is the strongest stuff I have.

A’kin Lavender & Rose Repairing Anti-oxidant Night Creme* (reviewed here) – Sabine of Echolife sent this to me when she heard I was looking for a night cream, and this is great! It lasts til I wake up, but doesn’t break me out – perfect.

(how it works here) / falsies – My eyelashes are one of my least liked features, largely because I have a nervous habit of pulling them out, so when I’m stressed I’m likely to have patchy eyelashes. Bimatoprost made me vainer, so I pulled them out less, but the long, luscious lashes still went patchy when I was super stressed. Falsies, a recent discovery, fill the gaps.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely – I’ve used this all year – it’s light enough for summer, but also works for winter, and the bottle is so comfortable to hold.

Moisturising nail polish remover
(recipe here) – Another Echolife-induced favourite, the glycerin in the recipe leaves the skin around my nails nice after polish removal – no more cracked cuticles in swatch photos!

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (info on BB creams here)- This has been my foundation of choice, possibly out of habit – it’s what I always reach for, and I’m happy enough with it that I haven’t looked into any alternatives, which as other beauty junkies know, is always a good sign!

Nivea Repair and Protection lip balm – Another go-to, I have four open tubes of this next to my pillow, a tube in my handbag, and a tube at work. My lips are always chapped, and this is a nightly essential.

Trilogy Everything Balm – I’ve been using this for, well, everything, especially my cuticles! It smells wonderful and does a great job of moisturising lips, cuticles and cracked skin.

Benefit High Beam* (reviewed here) – I keep this in my handbag. Whenever I’m feeling tired, I dab a bit of this around my eyes in a vain attempt to make myself look awake, then scull a coffee. I think it works. 


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12 thoughts on “Lab Muffin’s top beauty products of 2012”

  1. I totally hear you on Missha Perfect Cover. I’ve been using it for quite a while too, and it really doesn’t have any rivals yet. 😛

  2. I used PVA as a base coat for the first time the other day and it worked great! Kudos for working that one out for the rest of us!

    It’s worth making your own pineapple scrub too– I use about a quarter of a pineapple, a teaspoon each of yoghurt and honey, and about the same of oat bran. Blend the lot until it’s smooth enough to spread, then add fine sugar until it reaches the scrubbiness you want. It works great from the first try!

    • So glad it worked for you!

      I’ve been meaning to make a pineapple scrub for a while, but the whole process of getting a fresh pineapple has been putting me off. Hopefully before the end of 2013! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

    • No problem 🙂 That version is great for me for summer, but you could add more honey or use oil instead of yoghurt for extra moisture.

      As far as getting fresh pineapple, I’ve read that you can use the canned chunks, but they have a lower concentration of enzymes. That might be better for a daily cleanser instead of a scrub!


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