Essence Gel Eyeliner Midnight in Paris – review and swatches

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So I mentioned here when I posted my Die Antwoord nails that I recently did a ninja-themed dance performance to their song “Enter the Ninja”. Despite performing it twice, I didn’t manage to get a good photo of my makeup, so these pictures that will have to do:

All the black is Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris. This is my second gel eyeliner, and I’m definitely jumping on the bandwagon – longer staying power than pencil, more blendable when wet and easier to handle than liquid. Having heard good things about this budget eyeliner, I used it basically as facepaint. The result? Still perfect after nervously shaking backstage for 6 hours, performing under bright lights with lots of upside down hair flicking moves. Interesting, as I was getting prepared in the bathroom, I looked across at our row of 5 preening girls and we were all using gel eyeliners. It’s definitely the longest lasting, smudge proofiest option!

Essence Gel Eyeliner dries very matte, and very black. For a novice like me, this was very easy to appl in short strokes with a slanted eyeliner brush. I also used this as my eyeliner for my “Recreate Yourself” FOTD here. Back-of-hand swatch:


– Super cheap ($5.95 for a 3 mL pot)
– Richly pigmented
– Easy to use, blendable
– Long lasting and smudgeproof


– Limited colour selection (black, brown and silver in the standard line), and often only 2-3 of each colour on display
– These aren’t sealed in the store, so you need to check each pot for finger dents. I had to go back to Target a few times to snag an untouched pot.

Essence Gel Eyeliner retails for $5.95 for 3 mL and is available in Target and Priceline.

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  1. Idk if they have it down there, but I love Maybelline’s gel eyeliner, and they have a few more colors – black brown, dark purple/eggplant, dark green… I think that’s all. And it comes with a great little brush.


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