Duri does colours??? Swatches and review

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I’ve always known Duri for their Rejuvacote (every Aussie chick from Lacquerheads of Oz uses it, I swear), but it turns out that they have some gorgeous polishes as well! I was recently sent some of them to review from Pink Tiger, Australia’s exclusive Duri distributor.

Summer in the City is my favourite of the four – it’s a pale bluish green with subtle fine shimmer which doesn’t show up on the nail, making it essentially a creme. I have a weakness for pastels, and this hits the spot. It’s a one coater, but I did two out of habit.

Lavender the Magnificent is definitely magnificent – it’s a slightly bluish purple, with purple shimmer that shows up in the light. A close second in my affections! Again, this is a one-coater.

Summertime Blues is a bright blue creme – it’s such a common colour (think Windows XP default theme blue), but for some reason wasn’t in my collection yet. It’s not quite a one coater. I didn’t like this so much on my skin, but it’s super saturated, and revisiting it in summer might change my mind.

Absolute Intimacy is a deep reddish purple vampy creme – it’s not unique (it’s very similar to ulta3 Berry and OPI Honk If You Love OPI), but it’s beautifully deep and rich with a slight jellyish look. Two coats in this swatch.

The bottles are big square 15 mL bottles, and the brushes are very good – I had no problems applying these polishes evenly, and they were self-levelling and dried glossy. The price of these are on par with other high end nail polish lines like OPI and China Glaze, and the quality of both the polish and the packaging is up to scratch in my opinion (the one coaters were especially impressive). Unfortunately, the colours of the bottles on the site aren’t all accurate, and annoyingly, Duri swatches aren’t that easy to find online (although Rejuvacote reviews are plentiful!).

Pink Tiger stocks Rejuvacote ($25), as well as their own line of nail care products, including lint-free gauze which is excellent for removing glitter and stubborn bits of polish. It doesn’t soak up acetone well though, so I’ve found that the best way to use it is to wrap a piece around some cotton wool to get the most out of both materials. You may have seen some of their products in your April Lust Have It! box (review here – if you want to subscribe to Lust Have It!, use the code LABMUFFIN for $5 off your first box).

I’m also currently trialling Duri’s Miracote, a quick dry top coat. So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised – comparison post coming up soon!

Pink Tiger is currently running a promotion where if you spend more than $50, you get a free Duri polish of your choice (email proof of purchase to [email protected] to redeem). Duri nail polishes are available from here for $18 each. Lint free gauze is $13 for a pack of 200 sheets (5 x 5 cm).

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5 thoughts on “Duri does colours??? Swatches and review”

  1. I was way late on the duri boat and just started using Rejuvocate this past week after I’ve been dealing with nail breakage 🙁 So far its working awesome so I’m happy! I wish there were regular Duri polishes available here though. I’m so blown away by the huge price difference though! $25 for rejuvocate?! I paid $9.98 here in the U.S. >.<

    • Australian retail prices are ridiculous! I’m hoping to visit the US sometime soon to get my haul on… Glad Rejuvacote is working well for you! 🙂


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