Lust Have It! April, May and June 2016 review

Lust Have It! May 2016 review

Lust Have It! are one of the last sample boxes standing after the great sample box war of 2014-2015. The quality of the samples in these bags have been pretty awesome lately, which I think might be partly due to the desaturation of the sample box market. Here’s what I got: Lust Have It! June 2016 Edgy Tempting Cosmetics Eyeliner …

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Lust Have It! October and November 2015 review

lust have it november

November Manna Kadar Lip Chubbie in XOXO Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Concealer Coral Colour Love Lips Garnier Miracle Day Cream ulta3 Cream Blush Stick Skin Magic Tea Carefree Ultra Thins Regular I’m super sceptical about detox teas. Try asking any of the companies which toxins they get rid of, or how they get rid of them, or whether they’ve …

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My Regular Makeup Brushes – Real Techniques, Ecotools, Crown and Lust Have It!

I’m pretty new to brushes, since I’m usually an advocate of the always-hygienic, super convenient smoosh-it-with-clean-fingers technique, but some products just really, really need a brush. I’ve been buying lots of brushes lately and thought I’d show you what I’ve been using in my daily routine, especially since I washed them recently and had a chance to photograph them while …

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Duri does colours??? Swatches and review

I’ve always known Duri for their Rejuvacote (every Aussie chick from Lacquerheads of Oz uses it, I swear), but it turns out that they have some gorgeous polishes as well! I was recently sent some of them to review from Pink Tiger, Australia’s exclusive Duri distributor. Summer in the City is my favourite of the four – it’s a pale …

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