DIY Clay Scrub/Semi-Mask

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As much as I like what clay does for my face, I never have the patience to do a proper one (and I usually forget I even have clay). My face feels so itchy as it dries, and I hate when I look in the mirror afterwards and see a green ring around my face that I missed.

As a compromise, I use a clay scrub in the shower once a week. If I put it on at the beginning of my shower and wash it off after all the shampooing and shaving hootenanny, it gets 15 minutes without getting itchy, since it stays moist. I mix in ground oatmeal for a gentle scrub (and perhaps a bit of avenanthramide action). It isn’t quite as oil-absorbent as doing a proper mask, but I much prefer it!

What I use: a Korean volcanic clay mask I bought in Hong Kong, oatmeal blitzed in a coffee grinder, water

Making the scrub

1. Grab a couple pinches of oatmeal.

2. Add water to soften the oatmeal. I just use enough to wet all the oatmeal – you don’t want it too wet, remember that the shower steam is going to wet your mask further!

3. Add clay mask – unfortunately I put too much in the photo here, about half would’ve been enough. Approximately a fingerscoop full (that’s a standard unit of measurement, I swear) should do.

4. Mix in your hand until it’s a kind of pastey texture, adjust proportions if necessary. Mix in a few tiny drops of whatever essential oils your skin likes, if you want. Done!

Using the scrub

1. Rub all over face in gentle circular motion, like you would with a scrub. Don’t scrub your eyes!

2. Make sure your whole face is covered in muddy goodness (except the eyes – using a mirror is handy the first few times), then continue showering as per usual.

3. At the end of your shower, rinse off thoroughly. Depending on your mask, you may need to follow with a cleanser if your face feels mucky.

It’s been working quite well for me so far… let me know how it goes if you try it out! 🙂

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  1. Totally cool idea! I have s clay mask sitting on my vanity in bathroom which has been there for ages cause I can’t be bothered with the mess (I quite like that feeling as it dries and pulls your face firm). Now I can try it in the shower and who cares the mess you make in there!


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