Benefit Go Tropicoral Lip and Cheek Kit

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I have a problem with Benefit. It’s impossible for me to avoid the siren call of their adorable packaging and cute product names, but my student budget just won’t let me pick something up every time I walk past their counter. It’s hard being a girl! Luckily, their mini kits are a lot more wallet-friendly, letting you try out a selection of their items for the cost of a single full-sized item, and the packaging is usually even cuter!

Benefit have just released 3 gorgeous lip and cheek tint kits Sugarlicious, Feelin’ Dandy and Go Tropicoral. Each kit contains a lip and cheek stain, blush, lip gloss and highlighter (High Beam). There’s also an illustrated step-by-step guide inside to teach you how to use the products, as well as a handy mirror.

The kit I’ve got is Go Tropicoral. It contains:

Chachatint (4 mL) – mango tinted lip and cheek stain

This is an orange stain that’s a bit peach/coral toned. It’s cream textured, a lot creamier than Benetint, for example, which I’m used to using, and has a slight moisturising effect. On my tan cheeks it doesn’t really show up – I think it’d look warm and sunkissed on a paler girl though. It doesn’t wear long on the lips unfortunately.

High Beam (4 mL) – luminescent liquid highlighter

I adore High Beam! I’ve heard that some believe High Beam is for fairer skin and Moon Beam works better for darker tones, but High Beam is perfect for giving me that dewy, glowing look around my eyes without obvious shimmer. Highlighting under the browbone, along the cheekbone and in the inner corner of the eye makes me look so much more awake.

Chachatint and High Beam arm swatch

CORALista (3 g) – warm coral blush

This is a gorgeous peachy-pink blush, very finely milled with subtle shimmer. It’s quite pigmented and gives a beautiful glowy flush – I think it’ll be more dramatic on someone with lighter skin, but on me it makes me look pretty without making it obvious that I’m wearing blush. The brush is surprisingly easy to use for a square brush – I guess it helps that it’s super soft, and quite small. I love blush-with-brush-and-mirror compacts, so hard to find these days.

Ultra Plush lipgloss in CORALista (6.5 mL) – medium coral lip gloss

I’m not so keen on this one – I’m just not a lipgloss girl, and I hate the oily fruit smell of them. This one has a relatively likable peaches and cream smell, but it’s still pretty plastic. It has a nice shine, and is quite sheer.

 Coralista lip gloss and blush back-of-hand swatch

These minis are perfectly purse-sized by themselves, although the blush is a lot less portable since it’s not self-contained. The packaging is beautiful and sturdy – plus you can take out the inner tray to leave a keepsakes box

Go Tropicoral is RRP $59 and can be found at Benefit Boutiques and selected Myer stores.

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  1. I mostly hate lip gloss, but I’ve found that Sephora’s house brand has a mild, sweetish berry smell, and isn’t weird and sticky. I’ve heard Sephora is coming to Australia, although that rumor’s been on-and-off for years. (I’ve also heard that Le Métier de Beauté lip glosses are The Best Thing, but as a fellow PhD student I’m obviously not going to be spending that much any time soon.)

    I love your blog, by the way, even if I do follow it manually!


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