Bath-free Lush Christmas offerings 2013

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I don’t take many baths – mainly because I’m never patient enough to wait for the bathtub to fill! Unfortunately, that means that I can only use Lush’s amazing bathtime goodies about 4 times a year (usually on holiday, in a nice clean hotel bathtub I don’t have to clean afterwards – score!). If you’re like me, never fear! Lush has a whole heap of festive goodies that don’t require a bathtub… here are some of my favourites this year:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel (from $9.95 for 100 g) – This bubblegum-scented shower gel is like an annual novelty jumbo lollipop slap to the face. This year Lush have replaced the glitter with biodegradable shimmer. I’m so-so on this one, but seemingly every other female on the planet loves it!

Ponche Shower Gel (from $7.95 for 100 g) – Hey hey, a man-friendly Lush product! This smells like Mexican fruit punch, which seems to be not entirely unlike sangria. It’s fresh and fruity (mainly orange and plum) with a spicy tequila kick, and most importantly for the men, does not glitter.

Golden Fun ($9.50 for 200 g) – Fun is a nifty playdough like product made out of soap – it’s mouldable, and you can use it as shampoo, soap or bubble baths (I’ve only tried soap so far). I’ve recently finished off a sample of the Pink version (which smells like creamy candy) – Golden Fun is shimmery and smells the same as one of my all-time Lush faves, Honey I Washed the Kids soap.

Santa’s Lip Scrub ($9.95) – If you haven’t tried Lush’s lip scrubs before, they’re a blend of oil and caster sugar that you rub in little circles to exfoliate your lips, then lick off and eat. Of course, it’s a pretty easy product to DIY, but duplicating the delicious flavours that Lush offers is a bit trickier. This is my new favourite flavour (though I’m yet to try Popcorn) – I loved Bubblegum at first, but the aftertaste started to bug me recently. I still love Mint Julips, but this one has a nostalgic cola taste that reminds me of those hard icing sprinkles on top of homemade class birthday cupcakes for some reason. The colour is pretty awesome too, but (thankfully for the messy) doesn’t noticeably stain.

Sikkim Girls Body Lotion ($39.95) – This body lotion will probably not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am completely in love with the dreamy floral scent! It’s the most expensive lotion Lush have, but the scent is more than strong enough to double as perfume, so I would recommend applying it along with something relatively unscented (e.g. Dream Cream). I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about buying Sikkim Girls perfume for a while, but after using this it’ll definitely be in my next haul.

Santa Baby Lip Tint ($9.95) – I was entirely surprised by how pigmented this lip tint is – I expected gentle sheer gloss, but this is red red red! I’d recommend you use a brush or cotton bud for this, and not stain the bejeezus out of your fingertip like I did unless you have wipes handy. This product is really good value – it also looks great applied lightly under a gloss.

There are a heap more Lush Christmas specials available, bath and non-bath – for those ladies with a bath habit, Lush has 16 festive bath goodies this year! If you want to reduce wastage further, you can package your Lush gifts in Knot Wraps – these are vintage scarves which can be used to make a cool (and scented!) package. The scarves can then be reused by the recipient in a variety of ways, such as the fancy rose scarf as modelled by me, and a flowerpot gift-wrapping design modelled by a tub of Turkish Delight:

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  1. Great idea for a post! I don’t really have a bathtub at the moment, so as much as I may drool over their bath bombs I don’t really have use for them. 🙁 I really want to try that lotion…


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