Alanna Renee – Swatches and Review Pt 1

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Today I have something special – my first set of swatches from a new indie nail polish line, Alanna Renee. This was created by Alanna of Pretty Purple Polish, one of the first friends I made blogging. If you’ve seen her blog, you’ll know that she knows her polish! Alanna Renee launched last week, and several shades are sold out already (rest assured, a restock is happening soon!).

I’ll be showing off the blues and greens today – come back tomorrow for the other two gorgeous shades.

Reptar is my favourite, and Alanna’s favourite too. It’s named after the Rugrats dinosaur and contains matte black, white and fluoro yellow glitter dust in a pale green base, with matte red and purple hexes. As you might have gathered, I love matte glitter! 2-3 coats with top coat:

The colour combination is unusual enough to be unique in the sea of indie polishes, but still totally wearable. It dries gritty (like reptile skin!) but flattens out after a couple of coats of topcoat. I used this in the base of my butterfly wing mani on Wednesday. Because of the dense glitter dust this applies a bit weirdly with the first coat, but sorts itself out with further coats. Without top coat:

Pacific is inspired by the sun glinting off the ocean, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got blue and holo turquoise hexes, tiny tiny bar glitter and holo dust in a squishy blue jelly base. 2-3 coats:

It’s a bit like a blue version of Gloss ‘n Sparkle Goblins Grave, but without the mysterious foresty darkness and with extra pourings of blinding sunlight. Love this one – it’s totally mesmerising, and I’ve saved Alanna’s macro shot of it as my wallpaper! Sun shots (last one is out of focus for holo sparkle, which is so much more amazing in person):

Tranquil has a milky turquoise base full of lavender hexes, and purple and blue glitter dust. It also has large shiny turquoise squares, but these tend to get lost in the base, which is sad because I LOVE squares! But you don’t really miss them, because the purple/turquoise combo is absolutely dreamy.

The formulas of these are excellent – none of the glitters are difficult to fish out of the bottle, and a little bit of dabbing is all that’s needed to spread the glitter on the nail. The bottles are the standard Aussie indie square bottles, which are very handy for if you ever need to open a stuck lid!

You can buy Alanna Renee polishes here for $7.99 each – at the moment it’s Australia-only, but there may be international distribution in the future. Follow Alanna Renee on Facebook for updates (e.g. restocks)!

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