What’s wrong with my face? (according to Dermalogica)

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I’ve always assumed that my skin is combination oily/normal, with large pores and blackheads occasional breakouts (stress and hormonal) and some hyperpigmentation (freckles). But I’ve never gone to get it checked out until recently, when I decided to take advantage of Dermalogica’s free Face Mapping analysis.

Dermalogica focuses on skin health, and the Face Mapping involves is 5 minutes of being poked and prodded by a Dermalogica skin therapist, who looks at 14 different areas (“zones”) of your face to identify specific problems. These are written down on a “prescription pad”, and suitable Dermalogica products are “prescribed”.

It turns out that I have my oil under control with my blotting-and-powdering routine, but I have dehydration on my forehead and cheeks, and fine lines (eep!) around my eyes.

The therapist then led me through the products she suggested, demonstrating how to use each one (it turns out I’m really bad at foaming up the Special Cleansing Gel). I was also given a crazy amount of samples to try out, which target skin health. I’ve been busy trying them out, and some are now on high rotation in my Spring beauty routine.

If you’re in Sydney and interested in getting a free Face Mapping, you can head to the QVB Skin Bar to see which bits need help!

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