ulta3 Earl Grey – Aus and PRC comparison

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If you haven’t already heard, cult limited edition shade ulta3 Earl Grey has reappeared on the shelves, albeit in the new PRC formulation. A few girls have asked for a comparison, so here it is:

Index/ring = new PRC formula
Middle/pinky = old Australian formula

I needed three coats of the PRC formulation to reach opacity, not because of the polish itself but because the stiff brush left drag marks. The Aussie formula, with the softer brush, only needed 2. Like all the other older ulta3 pastels, it’s very opaque and creamy.

I can only see the slightest difference in colour when my nails are in semi-shade – the Aussie formula was very very slightly more grey, the PRC version was a tad more warm beige. Under all other lighting conditions, they were virtually indistinguishable, and I was looking very hard for a difference!

Bottle shot: left = Aussie, right = PRC

Overall, this is a great dupe job. The only real difference is in packaging (new label, 13.5 -> 13 mL bottle, new stiffer brush). I know a lot of girls both here and overseas had this on their wishlists – hurry and get a bottle while it’s available! Unfortunately, I haven’t caught sight of the other cult LE colour yet, Cocoa Bean, but I’m on the lookout!

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    • Yeah, definitely a good cold weather neutral, although it would look nice next to some pastels! The PRC one is just “Made in PRC” – ulta3 have recently switched production from Australia to PRC, so there’s some of each floating around, although the Aussies are getting rarer these dsys…


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