Why You Should Never Straighten or Curl Wet Hair


I’ve been straightening and curling my hair wet/damp for years, despite all the popcorn-sounding fizzes and crackles – but some science I’ve recently read have made me do a complete 180. It turns out wet and dry hair respond to extreme heat very differently – and wet hair cops it far worse, and not just because it’s more fragile. First, …

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What products are good for sensitive skin?


You’ll know if you have sensitive skin – even looking at a new product is enough to make your skin erupt into a pit of redness, itching, stinging or puffiness (or all of them at once – lucky you!). Your skin hates products, but it also hates not having products on it. What can you do? Here are a few …

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Travel Beauty Hacks (with obligatory travel photos)

My boyfriend loves the outdoors, and while I try to get along with nature, it tries its darnedest to destroy me with pollen and massive welts from mosquitoes. Last time he dragged me camping in Australia (the North Coast, a beautiful place where there’s beach and bush), I had a limited amount I could take with me but there was …

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Spa & Beauty Expo 1: All the things, Expo-going advice and bloggers galore!

I posted my haul yesterday, but the point of an expo isn’t hauling, its everything else! So onto my round-up of the Spa & Beauty Expo, with everything except nails (that’s tomorrow’s post!). I battled the expo with a bunch of Sydney beauty and nail bloggers – Jen (The Nail Polish Project), Rose (Every Little Polish), Michaela (Lather Rinse Repeat, …

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Guest Post: How to Apply Eye Makeup on Asian Eyes

Today I’ve got a guest makeup picture tutorial by Patricia of MakeupMew on a topic that I definitely need training on – how to apply makeup on Asian eyes (although mine are a right doozy – not quite double, possibly triple, definitely kind of hooded!) Hopefully this is helpful for those of you with tricky eyelids… I personally find it …

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How to curl thick Asian hair with a hair straightener

I love romantic curly hair, but I’m scared of my curling iron – too much exposed metal! I recently discovered that you can curl hair quite well using a hair straightener, which is a lot less scary for a butterfingers like me to use on the back of my head where I can’t quite see it (I’ve also been thinking …

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