Moogoo and Dusty Girls review


I recently had the opportunity to try out some products from natural Australian brand Moogoo, and their associated cosmetics line Dusty Girls. Moogoo are a cult brand for people with sensitive skin, so I was excited to try it out for myself.


Moogoo and Dusty Girls are on the natural marketing side of things, but they’re relatively sensible – though not always consistent.

For example, they have these encouragingly sensible statements that I wholeheartedly agree with, and address common myths that natural (and non-natural!) brands often exploit for sweet sweet profits:

  • We don’t claim that everything not natural is dangerous. Sometimes science can concentrate the beneficial effects from natural ingredients. And we use those ingredients ourselves. However, we do feel that some skin care products use poor quality ingredients because they are cheap and easy to manufacture in large quantities.
  • If there are no preservation ingredients shown on the label, then the product will become contaminated with bacteria very quickly, just like any food. The bacteria cannot be seen or smelt. A poorly preserved cream can cause serious skin infection and eye damage if used on the face. Grapefruit Seed Extract and Essential Oils have been proven many times to be unreliable methods of keeping products free from bacteria. In our opinion, a tiny amount of an effective preservative is much safer on the skin than a large amount of bacteria. 
  • These “trials” and “studies” are not independent. They are performed by the company or its ingredient supplier. The trials are generally not published, are often not supplied when requested, and not able to be reviewed by scientific peers as all studies should be. This makes them meaningless. To find out if the ingredient has any peer reviewed evidence, try using Google Scholar which searches scientific articles (
  • Therefore, if a cream is priced at $250 for 30ml, we would assume it has better ingredients. Unfortunately this is not the case at all. The price is dependent on the target market, not the formula.
  • [citing the EWG] Many websites claim that almost anything else with a chemical name is toxic without providing the full references. Presumably the aim is to shock people. (BURN!)

But they also have statements that are a bit dubious:

  • Moogoo pride themselves on not using certain ingredients such as paraffin oil (or mineral oil). They have some incorrect information on their site on this topic, such as that Aqueous Cream causes irritation due to paraffin oil, when in reality it’s probably due to the fact it contains SLS or preservatives or pretty much anything apart from the paraffin oil – I think this is a bit careless, since it’s information you can easily find with a quick Google search (here are some sources).

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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream review



IT Cosmetics has landed with Sephora in Australia recently, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their base make-up products. IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream is the product that got me researching snail slime science recently.

It’s not actually the first snail slime product I’ve tried – that was actually a tiny sachet of Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream. At the time, I assumed that the strong fragrance was necessary to cover up the scent of snail secretion, but since then I’ve come across unscented Mizon and Benton products in my travels through the blogosphere.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream is much less strongly fragranced, though it does have a citrus scent. It’s a medium coverage foundation-like product – I’m not really seeing any colour correction in this CC cream, but I don’t mind, because I really don’t need my entire face’s colour corrected and I don’t think most people do either! It applies easily with your fingers or with a sponge or brush, and blends in easily. I’ve seen some people say that this doesn’t work that well for oily skin, but with a bit of powder I found that it works quite well, and doesn’t wear off throughout the day.

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New Foundations for Oily Skin: Elizabeth Arden and Nude by Nature


Foundation is always a bit of a struggle for me – as someone with combination skin, sometimes it’s just easier not to try. I’ve recently had the chance to road-test two foundations tailored for oily skin, and I was pleasantly surprised! Here’s what I thought of them.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Makeup SPF 15 PA++ ($50 for 30 mL) is my new favourite high-coverage foundation. I’ve been wary of high-coverage foundations since wearing MAC Studio Tech clogged my skin, but Perfectly Satin has given me new hope.


Perfectly Satin is a liquid foundation slated to be good for oily/combination skin. The finish is satin – it’s matte, with a little bit of dimension to keep it looking natural, and surprisingly I didn’t really need a powder on top to keep it from oiling up. There are 7 shades available in Australia, and my NC25 skin matched well with Neutral Bisque.

I’ve found this foundation to be very forgiving – it applies smoothly with brushes, fingers and sponges, and works fine on my bare skin, sunscreen and over a water-based primer. By default it’s medium-to-heavy coverage, but it works well mixed with some moisturiser for lighter coverage, and it’s buildable to concealer-level coverage on blemishes. In fact, I found that I didn’t need concealer while wearing this, and I’ve used it as concealer on “bare skin” days. It’s very blendable. For the heaviness of the coverage, it feels quite light, and stays on for hours (through exercise!) without settling into lines or shifting.

The only drawbacks I can think of are the heaviness of the bottle, and the fact it might not work well for people with dry skin. I also wouldn’t mind higher SPF and PA values, but I never really expect to use foundation as my sole source of sun protection anyway. Otherwise, this foundation is fantastic! It’s Holy Grail status for me.



  • excellent coverage (can be built to concealer level)
  • easy to apply and blend
  • flattering finish
  • great oil control for oily skin (don’t need powder)
  • doesn’t settle or shift
  • hygienic pump packaging


  • heavy bottle
  • may be too drying for dry skin

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My New Favourite Packaging! Dr Lewinn’s, Code Glokolor


I’ve recently tried two products that have the most handy packaging I’ve ever used. I’m hoping this will be the next big thing, because:

1. It’s handy

2. It’s budget-friendly

3. It’s hygienic


The two products were Dr Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream and Code Glokolor N. All-uid Foundation.

Dr Lewinn’s moisturiser comes in a standard tub. You can unscrew the top if you want and use it normally, but why would you do that? When you take off the clear lid, there’s a purple top that slopes inwards towards a white dot in the middle. When you press down on the purple section, moisturiser squirts up from the dot.


Code Glokolor’s foundation was kindly regifted to me from a Korean beauty box (an idea which hasn’t quite taken off in Australia yet, surprisingly). It comes in very similar packaging, except that there are multiple holes (in a very cute star shape), and you press the lever in the front to get the product to emerge. (Interestingly, Code Glokolor comes from LG, which is better known for their electronics in Australia but in Korea they make everything.)

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What’s a CC cream? (and DD, and EE…)

All the way back in April 2012, I wrote a post on BB creams. Fast forward almost two and a half years and the “alphabet cream” market has exploded! What does it all mean? What’s a BB cream again? BB stands for beauty balm, blemish balm or beblesh balm. They’re multipurpose products that provide colour and coverage, as well as …

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Korean cosmetics haul

I’ve been skeptical of Asian cosmetics and skincare for a long time, mainly because I can’t read the ingredients labels. But I recently discovered CosDNA, a database which contains the ingredients listings for thousands of Korean products, and armed with that info, I went on a haul just before I left Australia. The main thing I like about Asian cosmetics …

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Project 100 Pan: Empties 41-50

I’m halfway through getting 100 products in my attempt to get rid of all the half-used stuff in my life. Here are my latest 10 empties: Sportsgirl Butter Dream Body Butter – I’ve had this forever, and it’s really good for an under-$10 body cream, though not really rich enough for me to class it as a “body butter”. The …

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Foundation success!

Ever since I discovered the usefulness of trying out foundation on black paper, I’ve been obsessed with trying them all out! Here are 5 foundations I’ve recently swatched on black paper, and taken for week-long test drives: 1. Sally Hansen Natural Your Skin Makeup in Ecru Beige* – This is one of my favourite foundations I’ve tried. Fashion Addict sent …

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