Foundation success!

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Ever since I discovered the usefulness of trying out foundation on black paper, I’ve been obsessed with trying them all out! Here are 5 foundations I’ve recently swatched on black paper, and taken for week-long test drives:

1. Sally Hansen Natural Your Skin Makeup in Ecru Beige* – This is one of my favourite foundations I’ve tried. Fashion Addict sent me this product to review, and I’ve never seen it on the shelf in Australia before – Fashion Addict is great for random finds like this, and at a bargain price ($9.99, which is really good at Aussie prices). It’s a tad grey, but with powder on top it’s perfect. The best thing though is that it lasts all day on my skin without becoming an oil slick, or getting patchy. Plus I can apply it with my fingers – win! I can’t tell if it’s a HG yet, but it’s a definite contender.

2. Maybelline Age Rewind The Lifter in Nude Beige* – This is the coolest-looking foundation I’ve tried – it’s a bunch of spirals of pigmented foundation, encased in clear primer, intended for hiding lines and wrinkles on mature skin. Unfortunately, that’s all I like about this foundation – my skin is too oily for silicone-heavy primers, and this looks and feels like it’s two-thirds primer, so predictably it melted off my face almost immediately.

3. Maybelline Dream Pure BB in Light* – I’ve been a Korean BB cream aficionado since Day 1, and every Western brand BB cream had failed my (admittedly high) expectations. Until now. THIS IS THE BOMB. In my opinion, it’s as good as the Asian BB creams I’ve tried, with decent coverage, good finger-spreadability and great mattifying power (Asian makeup doesn’t “do” dewy). It also contains 2% salicylic acid (BHA) for unclogging pores, so it’s doing scientifically proven good things for my skin as well.

I also blobbed Missha Perfect Cover BB in No 21 (at Matilly Rose‘s request) and Skin79 The Prestige Diamond BB on the black paper too as a comparison:

Predictably, Maybelline Age Rewind The Lifter had sheer coverage since most of it is clear primer. Surprisingly, the Sally Hansen foundation has less coverage than the three BB creams, and it’s obvious why I love Asian BBs – check out that even, dense coverage!

I’m really happy to have found not one but TWO new favourites in the last few weeks!  And it’s amazing how one product can completely fail on me, and another product in the same release will be perfect for me.

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8 thoughts on “Foundation success!”

  1. One of my friends gave me her Missha BB Cream that was too light for her, and I’ve been using it as a concealer. It’s the greatest! A little bit goes a long way, and it stays in place for hours. Now I don’t want to ever buy normal concealer!

  2. I never knew to try it on black paper, I have a feeling this is going to change the way I look at foundation forever haha! I really want to try that Sally Hansen one now! I’d never heard of that before!

  3. Would you think the Maybelline BB Cream goes for super light skin? I really want to try it but I’m the palest bitch known to mankind. And I haven’t been able to find testers anywhere. It sounds good, so I want to give it a try… ;_;


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