Sun Protection Basics

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How to cite: Wong M. Sun Protection Basics. Lab Muffin Beauty Science. July 8, 2012. Accessed June 15, 2024.

You northern hemisphere girls are heading towards midsummer, and us southern hemisphere girls are missing summer, so I thought I’d remind everyone of the most important thing to remember when going into the sun… sunscreen! During my research I came across this brilliant infographic which presents all the research in a much more interesting and clearer format than I could, so I thought I’d just give it to you guys as is… enjoy and stay sun-safe!

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18 thoughts on “Sun Protection Basics”

  1. I love this im always preaching about spf lol i *try* to wear it year round but most people dont even think about it except in summer. Your clothes have a spf of about 5 i basically none at all. Also if you have tattoos youll wanna be slathering something on those..the suns rays will soak up the pretty colors and make em fade.

  2. That is cool. I don’t know if you knew this but I did a survey with my last giveaway and best educator was a category you placed in. This is why. Cool stuff. 🙂

  3. As a red head, I wear sunscreen everyday of the year because I’ve been burned in February before 🙁 Thanks for your informative post!

  4. Michelle, what are some of your favorite sunscreens? I’m constantly on the hunt for one for my face that provides physical protection rather than chemical but doesn’t irritate the skin…any recommendations? And do you know of/have an opinion on SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum? I love your blog!!

  5. Cheers for this – I’ll be linking it for people to help explain stuff. I wear broad spectrum sunscreen every single day of the year, even though I have a skintype that tans rather than burns. I’m really glad I started doing it when I was very young since I have had very few fine lines show up at 37 and I put it down to being careful about sun exposure!


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