Artsy Wednesday: Independence Day

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(No new manis posted since last Artsy Wednesday, whaaattttttt.)

Happy July the 4th! To me, July the 4th just means the day after my birthday (I’ll post my birthday nails later in the week), but for you US folk it means holiday, so at AW we had a very loose “related to Independence Day” theme. So what does that mean to me? Aliens!

Instead of the weird praying mantises in the film, I chose to do some standard cartoon aliens. The base is BYS Colour Change Blue, which is jade green when warm and medium blue when cold (I wore it alone for a few days before this, some of the most fun I’ve ever had with a mani – swatches to come!). I painted ulta3 Black Satin on top. I took the photo in my freezing cold house, and warmed up two fingers with a hairdrier right before shooting.

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15 thoughts on “Artsy Wednesday: Independence Day”

  1. ahhh this is clever michelle! and i like it… n i wouldn’t usually like alien stuff but this is clean if that makes sense? like u can clearly see what it is… yes i like this lots! good colour choice too xxx


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