Reacting to More Unpopular Opinions

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Here’s part 2 of me discussing people’s unpopular opinions about skincare, and beauty in general – this time we’re talking about:

Unpopular Beauty Opinions

  • 0:24 Paraben-free was pushed so products would go bad faster
  • 3:46 Everyone gets Botox secretly and pretends it’s skincare
  • 6:28 You can use non-essential products / people get nerdy about skincare and makeup as a way to feel less vain
  • 8:27 All products should have expiry dates
  • 11:03 Perfect skin won’t make you look 30 at 50
  • 11:59 Very few products show measurable results in real life
  • 14:15 People would wear sunscreen more if it was given for free

Check out the video here!

Skincare Guide

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