NOTD: Circusy nails with added elephants!

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I thought I’d try something fun in between all the sober-ish manis I’ve been doing…

NOTE: I am not a Republican! I’m Australian, it didn’t even cross my mind that elephants were associated with the GOP until I finished… I just like elephants! 🙁

The base is a franken I made from ulta3 Spring Shower. I love light blue, but this one on my nails was a bit too bright, so I toned it down by adding a tiny bit of black. It looks fab on me now, though I doubt anyone can tell the difference!

I freehanded the elephant using ulta3 Earl Grey and TBN Nails Rain on My Parade, and used two coats of Milani Gems on the ring finger. Then I stamped BM-203 using Earl Grey on the rest of my fingers and mattified the whole lot using Rimmel Matte Pro.

Ridiculous? Or wearable? I’m still undecided!

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16 thoughts on “NOTD: Circusy nails with added elephants!”

  1. Hehehe, this is kinda cute! There was a circus in town here recently that I wanted to go to but the boyfriend had to work… and I’m afraid of clowns lol.

    If I had have gone, this would have so been the nails I would wear lol

    • Thanks! Just keep at it – having a good teacher definitely helps. Trying more than one tutor if you can, and Googling alternate explanations of things (a lot of universities have their lecture notes online) can help a lot!


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