2019 vs 2020 Skincare Routine: Approach and Products (Video)

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I was looking at some old blog posts and realised that it’s been over a year since I last posted my evening skincare routine. So I thought it would be interesting to go through it and see which products changed, which ones stayed the same, and whether I still agree with the skincare principles that the younger, less wise Michelle of 2019 believed in.

The YouTube video is here. Key points if you can’t watch the video:

  • I still don’t share my skincare routine that often, but in addition to the reasons from last year I also think it gives the wrong impression to show all the products I’m testing – ideally a skincare routine shouldn’t change that often!
  • My general routine hasn’t changed, even though the individual products have, for various reasons
  • My skin has changed slightly – mostly it’s gotten much more used to tretinoin now, so I’m back to using regular strength chemical exfoliants more regularly

Products I’ve been using in my current routine that I’ve consistently used for more than 2 months:

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2 thoughts on “2019 vs 2020 Skincare Routine: Approach and Products (Video)”

  1. Hi Michelle,

    Great video! I was just wondering what are the benefits of tretinoin if you don’t think it has helped with breakouts?

  2. So it sounds like you don’t use anything prior to the BHA on AHA night, correct?
    I’d love to hear more thoughts on the Jet Lag mask. I’m intrigued but always skeptical when something is so trendy (at least it is over here in the US).


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