Lush Friends With Benefits Massage Bar

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My boyfriend isn’t usually interested in trying out beauty products… except this. He is an utter FIEND for massages and tickles (I think it’s mainly the undivided attention). I prefer the “dig your elbow into my back and leave it” school of massage, but he’s all about the touchy-feely. (I’ve been trying in vain to get him out of the habit of just turning his back on me when he wants a massage by responding with a firm ass grope. He’s learning.)

We’ve been using pure virgin coconut oil for a while, which smells like a delicious tropical holiday – but coconut oil is generally a solid at room temperature, and it’s a bit of a task scooping it out. Here’s where Lush’s massage bars come in handy – they’re like a block of soap and melt slowly when rubbed on skin, but not when being gently handled.

Lush has a range of different massage bars, including Wiccy Magic Muscles, which comes with a base of hard azuki beans (aka red beans) for a harder massage, and Hottie, which contains “warming” oils. The one I have, Friends With Benefits, smells like choc-orange.

How to use it: Rub it on the massagee’s skin until enough has melted for your liking. I broke it into quarters for easier handling, and I think I’ll be able to get 15 half-hour back massages on a 6 foot tall boy out of one bar.

– Handy, no greasy bottle caps to untwist, no leakage
– No wastage, “dispenses” exactly as much as you want, no dregs at the bottom of the bottle
– No excess packaging!
– Lovely moisturising emollients which sink into skin – cocoa and shea butters

– Takes longer to oil up than liquids
– Absorbs into hands/skin quickly, you have to keep adding more to keep it slippery
– Cocoa butter is comedogenic, and is the first ingredient – while it makes the bar nice and hard, it can also get nice and hard in your pores
– The scent doesn’t really do it for me

Overall, I’m quite impressed – it’s very handy for a short massage, but adding a splash of grapeseed oil would make it better for a hardcore knot-banishing session. It’s very good as a general body moisturiser, an a sneaky way to get the boyfriend to moisturise!

I’d love to try out some of the other massage bar offerings, such as Strawberry Feels Forever, which is supposed to smell like marshmallows – yum! (Or perhaps formulate my own bar… hmm.)

What are your favourite massage products?

Friends With Benefits retails for $13.95/65 g. A sample was given to me when I bought another item.

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10 thoughts on “Lush Friends With Benefits Massage Bar”

  1. @PrettyPurplePolish – Ooh! Genius! 😀

    @chichicho – I’ve foundit quite easy to control the amount of melting, but it’s winter here and it’ll probably be a different story come summer…

    @”Anonymous” – WELL. Maybe I’ll use that bar with my OTHER boyfriend.

  2. If I remember correctly, this bar has a lemon-y scent to it. What me and my friend did was we mixed the mixed the Strawberry Feels Forever and this massage bar by using them together and it made an awesome strawberry lemonade scent!

  3. I used to have this soy candle that, when the wax melted, it could be used as massage lotion/oil. It was pretty awesome and smelled great. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name. 🙁

  4. @sandipalien – That’s a great idea! 🙂

    @ Pink Pamalamma – I’ve seen those around, was thinking of getting one but it was pricey and I’d probably go through it really quickly!

  5. Ohh the idea sounds decadent but I can’t stand for others to touch my back. I have horrible tension knots in my shoulders that are so painful that they actually hurt when I touch them (cringe). This is not a good sign about the stress I’m carrying lol, but that bars sounds so lovely maybe for a foot massage? I don’t know but I have a few of their lotion bars that I absolutely love.

  6. @Lacquer Lockdown – I think a lot of people use them as post-shower moisturiser bars – all the ingredients are very moisturising (cocoa and shea butter are the main components).


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