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I’ve been posting a few extra bits and pieces to Instagram’s IGTV, but they aren’t really searchable on Google and kind of hidden away, so I thought I’d post them on a new secondary YouTube channel for easy access: Lab Muffin Supplementary Info.

Lab Muffin Supplementary Info

As I’ve done more video-related things, I’ve also found that I’m amassing a collection of videos that I think people will find interesting, but it’s hard to edit them into a form that the YouTube algorithm will like. This stuff will also end up on the Lab Muffin Supp Info channel once I’ve worked out what exactly to do with them (and edited them down to a reasonably digestible form) – there’s going to be expert interviews and stuff like that.

I’ve uploaded the first batch of videos, which includes a couple of hardcore chemistry videos, an hour-long chat with Jude Chao of Fifty Shades of Snail (she’s an OG Asian Beauty Blogger who I swear has tried every single sheet mask), some chats about the products in my travel makeup and skincare bags, and explainers on how humidifiers and the Split Ender Pro (which chops off split ends without significantly shortening your hair) work. I’ve only managed to upload 7 videos because it actually takes a lot of time to set up a video on YouTube properly – I have a few more waiting on my computer!

You can subscribe to the Supplementary Info channel too if you’re keen – the main channel will continue as per normal!

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