Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask Review

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My skin gets dehydrated in winter despite my best efforts to gently cleanse and exfoliate it, so I’ve been using hydrating masks (both sheet and not) to try to boost the moisture levels. I came across this nifty silicone sheet mask tool at Daiso and knew I had to get one!

Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask Review

The Daiso Silicone Mask is essentially a silicone sheet mask with ear loops to hold it in place.

Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask Review

You can use it on top of a sheet mask, or on top of a regular mask or even by itself, according to the instructions on the back. I’ve also been using it over hydrating masks.

Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask Review

Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask Review


There’s a bunch of advantages to using this mask:

It keeps your face warm when masking in winter: When water evaporates, it takes a whole bunch of heat with it, which is why sweating cools you down so well and why hypothermia happens so much more easily when you’re wearing wet clothes. Some people use sheet mask warmers, but the mask only stays warm for a few minutes after application, and if it gets too hot, there’s the chance that sensitive ingredients could break down.

When water evaporates from the top of the sheet mask, it carries all the other ingredients with it. This means that as your mask evaporates, unless it stays absolutely soaked in essence, all the good ingredients will end up clustered on the side furthest away from your skin. The sheet mask slows down evaporation so the ingredients don’t migrate away.

It stops the sheet mask from falling off and sliding around (obviously!). This means you can walk around and even look down (gasp!) while wearing a sheet mask.

It keeps masks from drying out, which will slow the penetration of ingredients. This is particularly handy for non-sheet masks like my beloved Uriage AquaPrecis Express Mask which is super hydrating but dries out if I’m near a heater.

Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask Review

It stops a mask from being washed off by condensation in the shower. A lot of the time I forget to apply a mask until I’m ready to step into the shower, and at that point I really don’t want to sit around masking for 15 minutes. This mask holder lets me mask while I clean my hair and body, then I can wash off my mask at the end.


There are a couple of gripes I have about this mask holder.

Weird fit. The mask has customisable ear holes, but my face must be huge because the mask is tight around my ears even though I’ve maxed out the guides! Most of the time I just let one or both loops dangle free. I’ve also found that tying ear elastics to the loops, then putting those over my ears makes the mask fit more comfortably.


Really unattractive. I thought a sheet mask was bad enough, but this makes me look like I’m recovering from plastic surgery. It also comes in other colours like flesh and pink, which I imagine are nightmare-inducing.

Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask Review
This is why my boyfriend decided to go on a 3 month overseas holiday.


Overall, this is one if the best $2.80’s I’ve spent on a beauty product. Highly recommended, as long as you’re not trying to seduce anyone with it on! May help scare burglars.

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11 thoughts on “Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask Review”

  1. Lol I was reading the review thinking to myself please let there be a selfie, please let there be a selfie and lo and behold… You didn’t disappoint. Thanks for the review. This mask cover seems to be so worth it I just haven’t gotten around to picking it up.

  2. LOL love the demo photo of you with the mask on… thanks for doing a review on a really useful product. 🙂

  3. Haha, “as long as you’re not trying to seduce anyone with it on”. I actually purchased this mask about 3 years ago while I was visiting California and went into my first Daiso. I was incredibly excited and bought every “strange” item I could find. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more! I wasn’t really careful with keeping it clean, and eventually had to throw it away. Very sad day.


  4. Hi, I know this is an old post but, try my luck anyway. Just wondering, do you think it’s ok to wear this mask overnight? I’ve read that some have used the mask as a way to avoid the transfer of vaseline from their face, onto their pillows.

    Case of the face sweats, maybe?

    • It might be OK, I’d just be worried about acne and skin sensitivity (skin that’s too wet becomes really permeable and weak – see e.g. skin under a cast). But if your skin can handle it then it’s probably fine!


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