Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer Fig & Rhubarb – Swatches and Review

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I’ve had the Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in Rhubarb for months now, but it wasn’t until I got to try it out in Fig that I realised I should probably post a review!

Fig is a brownish pink, which on me is very much a my-lips-but-better colour.

Rhubarb is a pinkish red that’s really flattering. I think it may be the closest to a true red in the range.

The lip shimmers are available in 10 other colours as well.

I like them for when I want low-maintenance, subtle, natural-looking colour. They’re far more moisturising than the Revlon Kissable balm stains, but not as much of a loose hair trap as Revlon lip butters or other glossy, pigmented moisturising products. The shimmer gives them a glossy look without the usual stickiness. They’re actually the only pigmented lip product that I trust myself to reapply without a mirror – the slim tubes and the lack of staining are great for this.

There’s one huge con to these for me – the peppermint oil. Some days, it outweighs all the awesome pros above. There’s a lot of peppermint oil in this which is supposed to give a “refreshing flavour”, but it just makes my lips tingle and feel cold and slightly painful for half an hour after I apply it. I don’t know if this is a problem specific to me (so many other people seem to love this, and I do have particularly plump lips), but if it was a bit less intense, this would be a holy grail product for me.

– Great compromise between natural, versatile colour and moisturising properties

– Peppermint oil tingles too intensely for me
– Difficult to apply precisely from the tube

Have you tried these? Did you have the stinging problem?

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers are available at the usual stockists (Priceline, Target, pharmacies) and retail for $12.95.

 Rhubarb was included in a Priceline gift-with-purchase pack, and Fig was provided for editorial consideration, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.

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11 thoughts on “Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer Fig & Rhubarb – Swatches and Review”

    • I read so many positive reviews on Makeupalley about the minty freshness, I feel like such a freak for finding it painful! Some people have sensitive teeth – I have sensitive lips :

    • Thanks! I’ve hated them for most of my life for being so fat (they dry out quickly!), but now that I’m at an age where people around me are starting to try out minor cosmetic procedures, I’m grateful for my genetics 🙂

  1. I’m totally with you on the Peppermint thing. They also reformulated some time in the last couple of years, and now they’re actually a little too pigmented for my taste. I used to love the Fig, but I have these just sitting around now.

    • So glad someone finally has the same problem as me with these! Are we fat-lipped freaks? Or maybe it’s because we don’t take good enough care of our lips and they’re full of mint-sucking cracks? (I know I don’t, not sure about you!)


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