Born Pretty to-02 plate review

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I recently received this plate to-02 from the online nail supply store Born Pretty in the mail. I’m not usually a fan of small designs, but a few of these are really cute! I’ve circled the designs I used:

I used ulta3 Black Satin to stamp the designs on ulta3 Earl Grey. Forgive my dodgy stamping:

Unfortunately a few of the designs are too fine to really work, for example the base of the muffin (I know it’s probably a cupcake, but let’s pretend it’s a muffin!) and the scroll thing on my middle finger. A few of the designs also weren’t etched properly on the plate, which was disappointing. But the ones that did work, worked quite well. I can’t tell what the thing on my index finger is, but it’s pretty cute – any suggestions? (The best guess so far is “some sort of octopus/dinosaur hybrid”.)

The best thing about Born Pretty? Free shipping worldwide! I’m sure many other Aussie girls have also had that sinking feeling when they check out of an online store to find out that adding shipping has doubled the total cost – not so with Born Pretty. As well as stamping plates, they carry nail polish, nail art decorations, brushes, jewellery, and a whole host of adorable Hello Kitty products, and all at bargain prices!

And I have a 7% off coupon code for you to use: RA7X31

Do I have to say it again? Free. Shipping. *dies a million deaths*

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