Answers to Common Questions About DIY Hand Sanitizers (Video)

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I’ve had a lot of the questions on my DIY hand sanitiser video, and even though I tried to answer as many as I could, a lot of people kept asking the same ones… so here are the answers in an easy-to-find place! It includes a video demo of the Alcohol Calculator.

Check out the video on YouTube here.

Here are the topics I cover in the video:

  • 1:01 Issues with DIY sanitizers
  • 2:19 Can I add aloe vera/moisturiser/vitamin E oil/whatever to my hand sanitizer?
  • 4:15 Where is the link to the alcohol calculator?
  • 4:27 How do you use the alcohol calculator?
  • 5:23 Will ingredients other than alcohol sanitise hands?
  • 5:35 Is alcohol-based hand sanitizer better or soap and water?
  • 5:54 What’s the difference between ethanol and isopropanol?
  • 6:29 Alcohol concentration is just enough?
  • 6:44 Alcohol concentration is too low?
  • 7:06 Methylated spirits?
  • 7:25 Can you use detergent instead of soap to wash your hands?
  • 7:59 How can you disinfect surfaces?
  • 8:38 How can you boost your immune system?

I’ll be back next week with a regular beauty science video, free of current affairs!

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3 thoughts on “Answers to Common Questions About DIY Hand Sanitizers (Video)”

  1. I wonder if denatured alcohol is as effective as ethanol or IPA?

    I find that in some places, denatured alcohol is the de facto alcohol for sanitizers to stop certain people from drinking the thing. -_- But I’ve always preferred IPA just because they tend to be more stringently regulated (at least where I was, or maybe because it’s also used in hospital settings? dunno) and I can also use them on computer parts – ethanol solutions tend to leave a film.

  2. Thanks this was vary helpful. Many well meaning people on the internet forgot that deluting the alcohol lessons it’s ability to kill the virus or germs.


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